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How to Have a Great Night Out in London

London has many different faces. It is the cool, alternative scene where artists can enjoy themselves. It is the high-class club that only selected members can go to. It is the cozy bar, known here as a pub, that you can enjoy with your friends. There is something for everyone in this great city, but all that matters is that you find the perfect night out for you. To help you weed through the massive amount of options that London has to offer, and to enjoy a spectacular night out as a result, follow this guide:

Work Out Your Game Plan in Advance

The best way to have a good night is to get through all the logistical planning first. Know how you will get there, how you will get back, and what you can do if those first plans fall through. Thankfully, London now has a 24 hour tube service on their biggest Underground lines from Friday to Sunday, so your night out won’t leave you stranded.

Start with Some Great Wine 

The pre-drinks are always the best part of the night, but when you are visiting you don’t want to stay in your hotel room. Instead, head to a wine bar. Of course, if wine isn’t your thing, there are so many establishments to choose from. Go to a pub, or a gin bar, or even a speakeasy such as the infamous Nightjar.

Invigorate Your Senses at Dinner

Of course, depending on your preferences you might want dinner before you drink. Regardless of which order you do this in, however, you will want to eat well. If you need to stay on a budget, then try to find soft launches nearby, or even find a good discount day to eat out. When choosing where you go, however, be careful. There are many places that look beautiful, but they are an Instagram showroom, more than someplace to eat well.

Enjoy a Show

If you aren’t someone who enjoys dancing till dawn, then London is your place to go. There are so many great ways you can enjoy entertainment on the down-low, including:

1.    Music

Skip the concert, skip the club, and instead find a nice pub or bar that has a live music act that you can enjoy. From slow songs to popping blues, London has everything. There are also free nights you can enjoy, so match that night-cap with some live vocals and some good company.

2.    Theater

Of course, when it comes to a cultural night out there is no better place to go than the theater. London has so many great shows, both on and off the west end. You are absolutely spoiled for choice. Go see big hits like Wicked or these other family and kids theatre London shows, or go for something off-the-wall and catch a tour that originated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – there’s something for everyone, and a guaranteed night out waiting for you.

Or: Enjoy a Party Night Out

Of course, if dancing till dawn is your thing there are plenty of options to choose from. From fun and alternative nights out to big-time clubs, there are parties to be had all around London. Just remember to check in advance. The biggest and greatest parties are often sold out in advance.


  • Karen Propes

    I went to London around 1988 to help set up a branch office for my company. It was so different, the people at the hotel said to eat early because the restaurants closed at eight. I know it’s different now. But also during the day/weekend, they have so many activities in some of the areas that are great and entertaining for everyone. Picadilly Circus had actors and jugglers performing in the streets. I don’t know if it was a certain time for that, but it was so entertaining. The pubs are so welcoming and can get loud as the singing starts. I loved it! There are so many things we missed because my time was dedicated most of the day, but we are going back to catch the things we missed. The tours would be nice and the buses can take you to places if you want to skip the tube. I loved your review, the pictures are beautiful. It’s nice to know they are staying open later for nightlife. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lauryn R

    Well of course I would love to be able to go to London! My dad and his siblings had the chance to live there as kids and have been back multiple times. I have never been though, what an awesome place!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I would love to visit London. This looks beautiful. I love that there is so much to do. I am not into partying much anymore so these suggestions are great. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • Denise Low

    This would be a wonderful vacation. I would love to be able to visit London someday. Thank you for sharing.

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