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How to Be a Better Boss to the People You Work With

Employees stay in a company where they feel welcomed and receive the right treatment. The person they work with also play a role in their decision to stay. If you’re the boss, and you want the employees to stay, you have to improve your relationship with them. These tips will aid you in becoming a better boss to your employees.

Leave thank you notes

It’s a simple task that will make your employees appreciate you more. Many of them don’t feel like their efforts matter. Showing appreciation doesn’t necessarily have to involve monetary rewards. A simple thank you note would already suffice. Your employees will realize that they’re doing well, and feel motivated to do more.

Open your doors

You have to keep your office doors open literally. Sure, you have the privilege of having a closed office and maintain privacy. However, it helps if you decide to stay open to your employees. If they need help and guidance from you, they won’t hesitate to get in. If they have personal or professional issues, they also know you’re there to listen. Some employees decide to leave because they feel isolated and have no one at work to talk to. 

Be gentle

Learn to control your emotions. There are times when you feel frustrated with your employees, but you can’t show it to them. Let them know how you feel but stay diplomatic. They will listen to you even without shouting at them. Make it a conversation where both parties can grow and do a better job moving forward. You might also have some mistakes as a leader, and you can’t put all the blame on one employee. 

Organize fun activities

Your employees already expected that work could be tough. However, the environment should be relaxing and stress-free. Find a way to organize fun activities such as a group dinner. It’s a chance for employees to know each other well. You can also host a fairground stall hire. Invite family members to join and celebrate. It doesn’t happen all the time, and the employees will appreciate these activities. Your employees work hard and giving them time to take a break wouldn’t hurt. 

Attend parties when invited

You don’t have to do it all the time, but you have to show up whenever possible. Your employees will appreciate that you took time from your busy schedule to attend a wedding or birthday. You also show that you’re not always the boss. You can also be a friend. However, if you have other priorities, you need to be honest about it.

Listen to feedback

You might receive terrible comments from your employees, but it doesn’t mean they hate you. It’s also not a sign that you should take revenge on them. You have to listen and make them realize that their voices matter. 

Take small steps that will help you be a better boss. Your employees will love you, and they will remain loyal to the company in return. 

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