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How Corporate Concierge Services can Improve Employee Retention

Here’s how employing a corporate concierge in London can improve your employees’ experiences working at your company. And when employees have good experiences with their employers, they’ll be content to stick around long-term, rather than leaving once a promising opportunity arises.

What are Corporate Concierge Services?

In the past, concierge services have been reserved for high-end hotels and the like. Assistance handling personal tasks and errands has been relegated to a perk only for high-powered executives and entrepreneurs who can afford a full-time personal assistant.

But now, concierge services are increasingly being used by companies to make their employees’ lives better and easier to manage. In turn, this helps companies attract top talent, boost employee morale, and increase productivity company-wide. 

This is important because the employee marketplace is increasingly competitive. Young adults getting a job right out of college and staying at that same job for years on end isn’t the norm anymore. Companies that want to retain their employees have to work for it. They have to earn the loyalty of their employees by demonstrating that they’re a place where employees want to put down roots and stay long-term. Corporate concierge services are one way to do this.

They Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Employees

It’s more socially acceptable for people to talk about their personal life at work than ever before. This may sound like a problem for companies, but it’s inevitable. Employers would do well to embrace this trend, rather than fighting it. Helping employees manage their home lives lets them be more productive and happier at work.

Concierge Services Lessen the Burden of Personal Distractions

The typical 9-to-5 corporate model that assumes every employee works constantly from the second they clock in until the moment they clock out for the day is dated and unrealistic. Smartphones, email, and the internet have blurred the lines between personal time and work time.

Sometimes that can look like employees answering work emails at home. But it can also mean employees handling personal errands at work because they simply don’t have the time to keep their personal lives off the clock. By giving your employees access to concierge services to help them manage personal errands, they’ll have more time and mental capacity to dedicate to actually doing their jobs. In turn, this helps prevent turnover and burnout.

Employees Like Feeling More Productive

It’s a common misconception that the average employee’s main career goal is to skate by, doing as little work as possible for the most amount of pay they can negotiate. But this is inaccurate. Most employees today actively seek out fulfillment from their jobs. And when they do well at work, that boosts morale and improves their quality of life. By helping your employees achieve more at work, you’re setting them up to like working for your company because they’ll see themselves succeeding. This will make them want to stick around.

When you invest in your employees, they’ll want to invest right back into your company. And that includes sticking around long-term.

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