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Gourmet Curiosities: 8 Foods & Drinks to Boost Your Gambling Strategy

Whatever your opinion of their method, if you’ve ever seen “Ocean’s Eleven”, you know that those guys were precise in their planning when they “attacked” Las Vegas casinos for millions. Little was left to chance as their casino approach was prepared like an escape from Alcatraz. We were unable to see their pre-gambling dinner, but it’s difficult to believe that they would’ve checked in for a sloppy burger on the Vegas strip.  

Of course, we can only speculate in a dramatic manner as to what Danny and his accomplices consumed prior to the heist, but this is a crucial topic for actual gamblers. Whether you want to play for fun or become a professional at online poker, food is important! 

The Benefits of Food for Gambling Strategy 

The top stockbrokers, traders, investors, and gamblers in the world all have one thing in common: they practice mindfulness when playing their particular “game”, or more conventionally, they have very good psychology. Naturally, such a powerful game doesn’t originate from a single factor; rather, it’s the culmination of everything each player does and who they are as people.  

Whatever your gambling experience and goals are, you can learn from the experts, such as the top sports gambling consultancies. Some of these businesses provide their personnel with a gym on-site, a game room with a pool and darts, social gatherings, and nutritious meals prepared on-site by the company chef. Having your own personal chef is probably out of the question unless you hit a progressive jackpot or are a seasoned gambler since, hey, life’s harsh, right? However, eating with some consideration before gambling sessions need not be challenging or need extensive planning.   

The advantages can be enormous, including: 

*Enhanced attentiveness prior to beginning to gamble. 

*Better in-play choices. 

*Improved self-discipline. 

*Less rage/revenge wagers. 

*Less regrettable bets and “tilts”. 

*Stable emotions and focus. 

That sounds delicious, doesn’t it? After all, you may already be aware of the New Year’s Day custom of consuming greenery and black-eyed peas as a symbol of prosperity and luck in the upcoming year. The correlation between food and luck is significant, regardless of whether you believe in the proverb “eat fat on New Year’s and poor the rest of the year” or whether those peas and greens will bring you money in the form of bills and coins. Professional gamers and gamblers alike are aware of it.  

There are many legends, but are there some meals that can actually increase your chances of success? What could provide you a competitive advantage at the casino table, keeping your eyes open, mind alert, and tummy from growling? 

8 Foods to Boost Your Gambling Technique 

We want a constant supply of glucose to the brain, an ideal neuron connection, and a good mood while we gamble. A sugary snack may satisfy your craving and provide a momentary high, but it doesn’t prepare you for responsible gambling or the best possible strategic implementation. 

In actuality, it would seem contradictory to gamble while still eating, yet doing so might be preferable. After fasting for the night, study participants were asked to take part in the Iowa Gambling Task, a computer-based program that simulates real-world decision-making, at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The decision-making and long-term reward evaluation of individuals who skipped breakfast was superior to those who ate it. The results went against the conventional wisdom that says you’ll make bad decisions when you’re hungry. Instead, it appears that this “hot state”, as psychologists refer to it, can actually help you become more intuitive, which could help you improve as a gamer. 

But what ought to be consumed prior to a game or when taking a brief pause to refuel? 

Green Tea or Coffee 

In addition to being fashionable, drinking coffee or green tea has been shown in research to improve brain function. In addition to improving alertness, memory, and focus—all of which are essential while gambling—a high caffeine boost before both mental and physical testing has other advantages.  

Even if caffeine has been proven to lessen pain perception, most gamblers would undoubtedly hope that they won’t need to do so. 

Coconut Oil 

Research has shown that adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your cup of green tea or coffee will increase mental vigor and attention.  

MCT (mid-chain triglyceride), a fatty acid found in coconut oil, is very quickly metabolized by the body. These lipids can only be burned by the brain, and doing so is associated with improved concentration and mental function. MCTs have been demonstrated to provide advantages for people who have epilepsy as well. 


The plain blueberry is a nutritional powerhouse that genuinely merits the moniker, especially in light of its medically established brain health advantages. 

According to studies, eating berries frequently increases blood circulation to the brain and boosts performance on cognitive tests. Before you play the slots on the best online casinos this year ranked at, try eating some blueberries or drinking some juice. Poker player Jamie Gold snacked them during the 2006 World Series of Poker and won the Main Event. 


Walnuts are excellent for the intellect in addition to having a similar influence on our brains. These little powerhouses are loaded with EPA and DHA, two vital omega-3 fatty acids that the body can’t produce on its own.  

According to the book ”Boost Your Brain Power in 60 Seconds”, regular intake of omega-3-rich foods, such as walnuts, is linked to improved mental health and function, including focus, memory, and mood. To improve your gambling thinking and strategy, consume walnuts or similar omega-3-rich dishes like oily fish and salmon two to three times every week. 


Having constant energy is essential for the gambling mind. Like a professional poker player holding the largest bluff hand of his life, you want to feel upbeat, attentive, and solid. So, processed, sugary food is off the table and complex carbohydrates are in.  

Oats have a low fat and protein content and are a complex carbohydrate that discharges energy gradually. Protein pancakes/crêpes are a terrific quick fix, particularly if you exercise before gambling. 


They contain a lot of fat (77% of the fruit’s calories come from fat), but it’s healthy fat that’s good for your body and your brain. Monounsaturated fats can enhance cognitive function and memory. Avocados are the fruit with the most protein, the least sugar, and the most fiber, all of which help you feel fuller for longer.  

The fruit’s lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants help keep your vision clear so you can concentrate on your cards. 


Broccoli will improve your memory and cognitive function and keep you sharp.  You may obtain a healthy serving of choline by munching on this dark-green vegetable, which is necessary for the production of acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter that regulates attention, memory, and muscular control.  

Keep your hands steady and avoid unintentional twitches when speaking by consuming this vegetable. 

Dark Chocolate 

Buy chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa and of high quality. In addition to receiving a small amount of caffeine to increase alertness, magnesium will also increase the creation of endorphins like serotonin, which can improve your mood and help you relax when the game isn’t going your way.  

Hot chocolate could be superior when consumed. A study indicated that regular use of the flavonoid antioxidants present in various cocoa powders enhanced learning, memory, and mood. 

With a nice cup of coffee and a bowl of pre-gambling porridge garnished with walnuts and blueberries, the aforementioned items can be paired with ease. Just remember to drink plenty of water both before and after gambling sessions! 

More Tips for the End 

With a nice cup of coffee and a bowl of pre-gambling porridge garnished with walnuts and blueberries, the aforementioned items can be paired with ease. A hot chocolate before night or a blueberry-avocado smoothie for morning might also keep you strong and help you win at gambling. 

Just remember to drink plenty of water both before and after gambling sessions! 

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