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Five Ways to Impress Your Important Clients

In the world of client communications and flattery, little is said of the things you might be able to do to impress them. The focus seems to always revolve around the social aspect of your relationship with clients, as opposed to the ways in which you can influence their relationship with you and your company in other, meaningful ways.

Social skills are of course important for fostering great client relationships but, by focusing on how to impress your clients, this article looks at the other gestures of meaning you can perform to keep your most important clients on-side, helping build your own career in the process.

An Authentic Meal

There a good many ‘liquid lunches’ in this world – the corporate method of heading out for a long lunch involving prosecco and wine, racking up a significant bill in the process. This is certainly one way to win clients, but why not consider taking them somewhere that’s a little more of an experience – with excellent, authentic food – and away from the businesspeople who so frequently populate lunchtime spots. Set yourself and your business apart by selecting a sophisticated restaurant to impress your clients.

Little Sweet Gifts

There’s nothing like a box of chocolates to bring a smile to someone’s face. In the corporate world, there’s possibly too little sweetness, whereas a small gesture of thanks or appreciation offered to your most important clients can go a long way towards building strong and reliable relationships with the people that matter in your network. Buy a selection of corporate chocolate gifts to distribute to clients to show your thanks and appreciation throughout the year.


If you’re attached to a larger firm, there’s a chance that your company has corporate boxes and tickets in places such as opera houses, football stadiams and even racecourses. These tickets are usually reserved for staff members and their families, but they should occasionally be put into battle to help impress important clients. Ensure you have access to these tickets on occasion so that they’re used for a positive business process.

Link Them Up

As a salesperson or account manager, you are the friendly face that connects different parts of your business world together. One of the benefits of being this individual is that you know a lot of people – people who can help other people in their own business requirements. As such, you can act as an introducer and a fixer for clients, helping them access other business leaders, sales agents, lobbyists, politicians or influencers that they might otherwise be unable to reach. To find good sales agents you can check out Closify.

Small Touches

Ultimately, you want to garner the respect of your important clients. They’ll be fully aware of their importance to you and your business, and they’ll already be expecting the red carpet to be somewhat rolled out for them. As such, its often the little thoughtful personal touches that can make your relationship that bit stronger and more reliable. A little message here and there, a hamper sent into their office or a bunch of flowers or an office plant, can really go to show that your clients are on your mind – something they’ll appreciate over the course of your relationship.

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