Finding Savings When Shopping For New Parents

The excitement that accompanies the arrival of a new baby is certainly infectious; whether you’re an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, or a work colleague, it’s only natural that you’ll want to purchase a gift to welcome the child into the world. Besides, buying a present is a great way to show new parents that you’re thinking of them, especially if yours is an item that will aid those early days, weeks, and months of parenthood. While we’re sure that your friends or family members will be grateful for any gift you’re able to give, the desire to find an item that dazzles is likely to haunt you from the moment you hear the happy news. What standout items should you be buying for the new baby and the doting parents?

Shopping on a budget

The chances are that you’ll have decided upon a budget before you begin shopping for the new arrival; whether that’s tens or hundreds of dollars is up to you, but it certainly helps to have a figure in mind before you set out. Purchasing items for babies and new parents can be somewhat overwhelming, and it would be incredibly easy to spend a fortune in a relatively short amount of time – particularly if you’ve not had to shop for parenting paraphernalia before.

Before you begin your search, it helps to know where to look so that you can find deals of the day and get the most out of your money. Do you know where your nearest specialist retailers are? Have you familiarized yourself with the mother and baby aisles at your latest supermarket yet? Keep an eye out for promotions and mother and baby events – most relevant retailers hold at least one event a season, giving savvy shoppers the opportunity to pick up a bargain or two. Shopping online is also a great way to make savings, as most retailers are able to offer items for significantly less than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Finally, keep an eye out for coupons and discounts. If you’re likely to be buying numerous items for the new parents, it will be worth signing up to retailers’ newsletters.

Perfect presents for new parents

With all kinds of budget in mind, here are just a few suggestions for items that you may wish to purchase for the new parents in your life. One word of advice: it’s a good idea to choose a gift that’s likely to last the new baby beyond their first weeks. Items of clothing can be wonderful, thoughtful presents but tend to be discarded relatively quickly as the baby grows.

Something for the nursery

Toys, books, and soft toys are popular presents for newborns and their parents, particularly if you’ve not been given any guidelines regarding what’s needed. Here’s a tip: choose an item that’s likely to aid the baby’s development in some way, such as a baby play gym, sensory toy, or anthology of nursery rhymes. The play gym in particular is a top seller, and will secure its place in the baby’s nursery for months to come. Nursery items are a great way to introduce the baby to the world, and will also provide precious moments of peace for parents. What’s more, you’ll be able to set your own budget when choosing to buy such a gift.

A means of making memories

Toys and books, feeding equipment, and nursery items are great presents for babies and their parents. However, if you’ve ever been a new parent, you’ll know how quickly time passes. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, then, to be able to give the gift of a memory to the new parents in your life? Photographic experiences, fingerprint jewelry, keepsake boxes, scrapbooks, and plaster casts are a great way to capture a moment and treasure it forever, and needn’t cost the earth – especially if you have a knack for getting crafty.

A gesture

If you’re really strapped for cash, consider blessing the new parents with a thoughtful gesture rather than a paid-for present; the chances are that they’ll appreciate your effort just as much as they would a physical gift. Possible presents in this category include a coupon for babysitting duties once the baby is old enough to be left for an evening, the offer of completing odd jobs around the house, or a home-cooked meal delivered directly to the doorstep. The latter option will no doubt be a popular one as new parents often struggle to cook for themselves during those first, fraught days.

Of course, if you’re truly stumped, there’s always the option of purchasing a gift voucher or card for a particular shop or online retailer. This will ensure that you’re in control of your budget at all times, and will allow the new parents to choose an item that will make all the difference to their lives with a baby in tow. Gift cards and vouchers were once considered an easy way out, but they’re more popular than ever; when faced with the dilemma of shopping for a new baby likely to have everything, a gift card will always fill in the blanks.

You see, it really is possible to shop for perfect, thoughtful presents while on a budget. Your only issue now should be choosing which gift to get.

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