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Filing a Car Accident Claim: How to Get Started and What to Ask Your Lawyer 

When a car accident occurs, injured victims need to know how to get started on their accident claims. Serious accidents sometimes need the help of a lawyer. This guide is meant to help injured victims take the right steps to ensure they are compensated fairly.  

How to Get Started 

Getting started on the process involves first contacting the insurance company and filing a claim. When filing a claim, the insurance adjuster is likely going to ask the injured victim to give a recorded statement. Before giving a statement, it would be wise for injured victims to first consult with a lawyer. Saying the wrong things when filing an accident claim can be detrimental to an injured victim.  

Prepare for the Consultation 

Scheduling a consultation appointment is one of the first things a person should do after an accident. Many lawyers offer free consultation appointments to allow injured people to receive information on their rights and the legal options available to them.  

Preparation begins by first writing out a detailed report of how the car accident occurred. The injured victim will need to make sure they provide their lawyer with as much information as possible. If the victim has any evidence, they should bring it to the lawyer right away.  

Questions to Ask an Injury Lawyer 

At the consultation appointment, injured victims need to make sure they have a list of questions for their lawyer. Injured individuals also need to make sure they are prepared to answer questions from their lawyers. The following are some of the top questions an injured victim should ask their lawyer during the consultation appointment.  

*How many years has the lawyer been practicing law? Individuals need to know their lawyer has been practicing law for years and has the knowledge and experience to handle a wide array of issues that may arise during the process of seeking fair compensation.  

*What is the trial experience level of the lawyer? Sometimes, injury claims require a lawsuit. An injured person needs to know the level of trial experience the lawyer has before they commit to getting legal help.  

*What is the track record of the personal injury lawyer? How many wins and losses have they had? Hiring a lawyer with a solid track record is essential for ensuring a person is more likely to win their case if it goes to court.  

*How much is the case worth? Injured victims need to make sure they know the value of their case. At the consultation appointment, a lawyer will surmise the value of the case and give accurate information to their potential client.  

*How long will the case take? Although an injury lawyer cannot give an exact timeline, the lawyer can give their clients information on what to expect. Individuals will be given a sound idea of what will happen throughout the process.  

Discover More Information 

Scheduling a consultation is one of the first things a person should do to learn about their legal options. The statute of limitations limits the amount of time a victim has to file a lawsuit. If the individual waits past the statute of limitations period, they forfeit their rights to seek further compensation.  

Those who would like to learn more about their rights and legal options should schedule a consultation appointment as soon as possible. Getting help from a lawyer offers great peace of mind.  

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