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    11 Activities for Beating Cabin Fever This Winter

    The arrival of winter means that, sooner or later, cabin fever will be creeping up on many of us. With the lack of sunlight and the move to indoor activities, it’s often all too easy to go stir crazy.  Refreshing your hobbies and activities is one great way to fight cabin fever. Cold weather can actually be a great opportunity to pick up new hobbies and knowledge while making treasured memories. Scroll down to learn about 11 rewarding ways to spend your winter that are sure to brighten your mood.  1. Make some craft projects. It’s not so bad being stuck inside when you’ve got some cool crafts to work on!…

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    What Are the Qualities of the Best Lobsters?

    Once the fare of peasants and prisoners, the humble lobster is now considered a delicacy. These days, when you buy live lobsters from Maine, you can expect them to fly to your door first-class! These flavorful, tender seafood superstars are more than worthy of the extra legroom.  Only the best lobsters deserve the celebrity treatment, however, so beware. Some lobsters are mere impostors and lack the flavor and texture that we come to expect from the world’s most delicious crustaceans. When you have live lobsters shipped to your home, will you know if you’re looking at the real deal? If you’re looking to buy live Maine lobsters online, you should do your research.…

  • Teleflora Mother's Day Giveaway

    Teleflora Mother’s Day $100 Gift Card Giveaway! (1 Winner ~ Ends 5/07) @Teleflora #DrawnToMom #LoveOutLoud

    Welcome to the Teleflora $100 Mother’s Day Gift Card Giveaway! 1 Winner This giveaway is part of our Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products. HOST IS DELICIOUSLY SAVVY My co-hosts for this giveaway are Michigan Savings and More, The Stuff of Success, Gifts for all seasons, Versatileer & Home Jobs by Mom Below is a list of all the bloggers involved in the gift guide. A Nation of Moms, A Rain of Thought, Deliciously Savvy, Giveaway Gator Home Jobs by Mom, Jessica Inspired by Faith, MarksvilleandMe, Michigan Saving and More, My Silly Little Gang, Tales From A Southern Mom, The Stuff…

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    Your Guide to Starting a Restaurant in Atlanta

    In recent years, Atlanta (also known as ATL) has become one of the most spoken about cities in the United States. Just last year, Downtown Atlanta became one of the many cities that was put center stage during the 2020 United States Presidential Election. In addition to that, the city has seen an influx or surge in people moving to areas around Atlanta like Buckhead, Virginia Highland, and many other places around Atlanta. In 2019 the population of metro Atlanta rose to 488,800. The city is also the headquarters for global businesses like Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. For these and many other reasons, Atlanta has become a place…

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    BeLeev Scooter Giveaway! (Winner Chooses Color ~ Ends 4/15)

      Sponsored By: BeLeev Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy Winner Will Receive: A BeLeev 3-Wheel Scooter in their choice of color! (Color choices are shown in the giveaway image)     About the Prize: The kids scooter is set over a three-wheel geometry making it perfectly balanced for younger riders and has two LED light up 120mm PU front wheels and a 80mm PU rear wheel to provided added stability. The Kids Kick Scooter – PLUM also features a three-point height adjustable handle bar from 660mm to 864mm which allows this scooter to grow with your child for many years and will aid the development of your child’s fine motor skills and…

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    Hero Dog The Journey Home DVD Giveaway! (2 Winners ~ Ends 3/23) @las930

    Welcome to the Hero Dog The Journey Home DVD Giveaway! 2 Winners Hero Dog The Journey Home DVD This giveaway is part of our Spring Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products. HOST IS MICHIGAN SAVING AND MORE My co-hosts for this giveaway are Deliciously Savvy, Gifts for all seasons, Home Jobs by Mom, A Nation of Mom, The Stuff of Success Below is a list of all the bloggers involved in the gift guide. A Nation of Moms, A Rain of Thought, Deliciously Savvy, Giveaway Gator Home Jobs by Mom, Jessica Inspired by Faith, MarksvilleandMe, Michigan Saving and More, My Silly Little Gang,…

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    For Beginners: Smooth Transitional Tips When Adopting the Vegan Lifestyle

    In every group of friends, there’s always that ONE vegan friend that has to have all kinds of accommodations made for them… they can be so annoying, right? Maybe so, but have you ever stopped and asked them what made them transition to a vegan lifestyle? It’s usually not because they want to be hip or “fit in”… Most people who’ve adopted the vegan lifestyle did so because they either had to or because they wanted full control over their life.  When people transition because they have to, it’s usually because animal products and by-products just were causing digestive and health problems, and when you endure those kinds of problems…

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    Find Out Here: The Secrets Of The Best Burgers In Melbourne

    Some may claim that they have the secrets to having one of the best burgers in Melbourne. Well, this holds true for the most part. Grilling burgers have become a national pastime. The hypnotizing scent of burgers grilling on a summer weekend is an awesome olfactory treat.  However, as every household may claim to have the recipe for the best burgers, what could be the secret? Without stalking your neighbors or restaurants for their secret ingredients, let’s discuss this further.  Beef is the star of the show, but it comes with other important co-stars Many people get this wrong. It is a big misconception that having the best beef alone…

  • Delilah Home Organic Cotton Towels

    My Savvy Review Of Delilah Home 100% Organic Cotton Towels

    Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission used to support this blog if the product is ordered via the links in this post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! I am super excited to share Delilah Home with you all as I am in love with their amazingly plush and fluffy 100% Organic Cotton Towels that feel fabulous when using them. It has really become important to me to use organic products as much as possible as they are just better for you and…

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    Viteyes Blue Light Defender Gummy Supplement Giveaway! 2 Winners ~ Ends 7/08

    Welcome to the Viteyes Blue Light Defender Gummy Supplement Giveaway! 2 Winners This giveaway is part of our Dads and Grads Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products. Host is Deliciously Savvy My co-hosts for this giveaway are Michigan Saving and More, Gifts for all seasons, Home Jobs by Mom, Giveaway Gator, Cruises 2021 & Miki’s Hope Below is a list of all the bloggers involved in the gift guide. A Rain of Thought, Deliciously Savvy,Eclectic Evelyn, Giveaway GatorHere We Go Again Ready,, Home Jobs by Mom,Java John Z’s, Lisa-Queen of Random, MarksvilleandMe, Michigan Saving and More, My Crafty Zoo, My Silly Little Gang,…

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    Guide to Online Pet Resources

    If you are the owner of a pet cat, you know how important that they are to not just you, but your entire family.  With that being said, your cat is going to need certain things in order to make sure that they are not just happy, but healthy as well.  So where are you supposed to go when you realize that you need certain items for your cat?  Here is everything that you need to know in order to find all of the best cat care products that you could ever need or want.   Always Check Petcatfriends.com First When it comes to purchasing products for your cat online (or anything online for that…

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    CBD Topicals – What is the Best CBD Topical Lotion or Cream for Me?

    If you are considering the idea of staring to use CBD topical lotions and creams, it can be exciting but scary at the same exact time.  If you are new to CBD products in general, you may feel uncomfortable trying to figure out exactly where to start.  But if you are looking to experience what all the commotion is about with CBD creams and lotions, this guide is going to fill you in on everything that you need to know. What is a CBD Topical? CBD topicals are going to be products such as creams and lotions that have been infused with cannabis, or CBD.  What makes them so popular is that they…

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    See The Doctor From The Comfort Of Your Home With Amwell #getwellwithamwell

    Compensation was provided by Amwell via Momtrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends.  As a busy mom I find myself constantly on the go running the kids to and from school, making breakfast, packing lunches, cleaning, getting dinner ready, taking care of my furry family members, helping the kids with their homework, getting the kids bathed and ready for bed and so much more. Keep in mind that I am doing all of this while working full time and trying to find a second for myself which seems impossible and in the midst of all of this….who has the time to get…

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    Plan Your Perfect Prom Night By Picking The Perfect Prom Dress

    Deliciously Savvy received product and /or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! When you think of prom you can’t help but get excited as it is seriously one of the most exciting nights of a young persons life. There are so many wonderful memories that will be created on this special night and all of your years and time spent at school leads up to when you can finally get dressed up for big debut. Your prom will provide a special night spent out and about with your friends before you head out into the…

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    British Easter Traditions Explained

    Easter is fast approaching and this is always a lovely time of the year to spend with the family. There are many great Easter traditions that people partake in over the holidays yet few know the history and reasons for these traditions which is a shame as many have an interesting story behind them. Read on to find out more. Painting Eggs Painting eggs is always fun and a chance to be creative, but have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from? In many Iran and many cultures around the world, an egg is a symbol of life and fertility so Iranians have been painting eggs as this time…

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    8 Super Fun Destinations for Pet Friendly Vacations

    Where can you go on vacation if you want to take your furry friends with you? Check out this guide to America’s best pet friendly vacations to find out. There are around 90 million dog owners in the USA. We know that pets boost our mental and physical health and are, of course, ridiculously cute! As a result, it makes total sense that we want to spend a lot of time with our pets! If you’re going on vacation, then it’s likely you want to take your furry friend along with you.  Continue reading this article, and we’ll look at just a few places in the US that you can enjoy relaxing or…

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    Have Fun & Get Cozy With Pajamas From The Mommy & Me Collection At LazyOne @lazyoneinc

    Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! I am super excited to share LazyOne and their super fun collection of Mommy and Me Matching Pajamas with all of you mamas out there! Their line of Mommy & Me Pajamas are so cute, so fun and super colorful all while being amazingly comfy which is why I had to share with everyone. As moms we know that raising our kids can make time feel like it is literally passing at supersonic speed which is why time spent together must be treasured.…

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    Dog House Heater: Useful Guide and Tips in 2020

    Heater for Dog House: Types, Tips for Choosing, How It Works, and More  While dogs heat themselves quite well during the cold season, they do not always generate enough warmth to stay comfortable and jolly. After all, the cold season comes with more severe temperatures, often way below the normal body temperature range for dogs of between 101F and 102.5 F. As a result, during the freezing season, your four-legged companion is always at the risk of hypothermia, frostbite, and other cold-related ailments.   Luckily, there is something you can do to ensure that your mutt stays warm during the winter- get a mutt house warmer. Ask around, and you will quickly learn that there are tons of dog heaters for outdoors that you can acquire and install in the home of your four-legged companion, keeping them from suffering the adverse effects of the cold.   That said, below is a comprehensive shopper’s guide to help you understand the essential issues when it comes to dog houses with heaters. You will find useful information such as the different types of house heaters you can buy, tips for choosing the ideal item, and how a house warmer works and usage advice. Best of all, you will know when your mutt needs a house heater.  The Different Types of Mutt House Heaters  A mutt house warmer is an appliance that produces heat, either for the whole shelter or for a particular section of the mutt house, e.g., the sleeping/resting area. Currently, you can find the following types of house heaters in commercial circulation.  *Electric heater box: It can be attached to the wall of the mutt house or over a stable area. This appliance heats the house by converting electrical currents into heat.  *Microwavable pad: It is a pad made out of harmless substances that can be heated in a microwave. This solution is swift, straightforward, and can work for up to more than eight hours. And given that it only warms a smaller area, it an excellent item for crates and puppy spaces.   *Light bulb space warmer: It takes a light bulb, ceramic bulb shape but does not give off any light. Instead, it provides heat while sparing the eyes of your mutt from glaring lights.  *Insulated dog house: These are more permanent solutions. Simply, they are for sale shelters that boast of thick wood, foam, and insulated walls to keep the cold out.  *Heated pad or bedding: It is a heavy, fleece-lined resting surface that can be put either inside or outside a fabric sleeping area.  *Solar heated dog house: It is a heating mechanism that is powered by a solar heater system, i.e., a solar panel, battery, and solar inverter.  Tips on Choosing the Perfect Shelter Heater  No mutt shelter warmer is the same as the other. Nonetheless, it is best to ensure that no matter what you settle on, the following things are considered.  Heating Power  It makes sense to acquire a gentle heater instead of being too aggressive. After all, you want to offer the needed warmth to your dog and not too much heat to get them uncomfortable and dehydrated from excessive sweating.   Safety  The first thing to consider when it comes to safety is the presence of a thermostat. This feature is essential since it regulates the warmer, avoiding the possibility of the shelter overheating.   Another thing to consider is the distance protection. See, you want to acquire an item that comes with a safe distance accounted for to keep your dog’s coat from burning when the pet is too close.  Your Dog  Above everything else, you have to think about your four-legged companion. Consider their weight, fur type, breed, and other health issues regarding tolerance to the cold before buying any shelter heater.   How a Mutt House Heater Works  Dog shelter heaters function differently depending on the type and brand you buy. However, you will find that most commercially available shelter heaters need to be connected to an electric power source. However, you may also get a solar powered dog house heater.  Once connected and switched on, the shelter warmer starts heating the atmosphere around it. These appliances are usually fitted with thermostats to avoid overheating the shelter. You can, therefore, use the thermostat to regulate the temperate, i.e., decide how warm you want your dog shelter to be. A heated pad, on the other hand, utilizes a thermostat to ensure that the heat produced does not surpass the dog’s normal body temperature.  Some heaters also come equipped with an automatic switch that immediately turns the heater off when temperatures reach a particular level. All in all, most modern dog shelter heaters use just enough power to achieve the desired warmth and come with security features for safe unsupervised use.  Tips for Using Your Heater for Dog Shelter Efficiently  Now that you know how a heater for a dog shelter functions, what should you do to ensure that you are using it well and it lasts long? Here are some must-know usage tips:  Use the Warmer Within the Environment Stated by the Manufacturer  It is always best to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product. Also, don’t attempt to use the warmer in an environment that’s not stipulated in the usage instructions. For example, it would be risky to use a warmer recommended for indoor use as an outside dog house heater as it may not be built to withstand outdoor conditions.  Insulate Your Dog House to Save on Electricity  Make sure you insulate your dog house first before setting up the warmer. That way, less heat will be lost, and you won’t need to set the thermostat to high.  Mount Your Warmer on the Roof or Away from Your Dog’s Way  Though there’s little chance of a commercial pet house warmer burning your dog, its best to mount the equipment on the roof to avoid contact. That way, you can protect your dog in case of too much heat and the heater from damage.  Add Extra Protection to the Power Cords  You can also reinforce the heater’s cords with chew-resistant materials and keep them away from your dog to avoid damage.  Test Out the Product on Yourself First  Lastly, before you mount your heater in the dog house, test it out first. You can even try different temperature options to know which one would work best for your dog.  How to Know If Your Dog Requires a House Heater  An indoor or outdoor dog heater is a good way to show your furry family member that you love and care about their welfare. Anyway,  you do not always need a heated dog house. That is because not every not dog will need a house heater. Here’s when you should definitely get a house heater:  *If you own an older dog  *If your dog is pregnant  *If you have puppies  *If you have a short-haired dog  *If your pooch is sickly  Final Thoughts  If you adore your pooch and want them to feel as warm as you do, consider buying a house heater for them. There are lots of options available in the market. In any case, using these tips, you can now select the best heater for your beloved dog.  

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    Training Tips That You Can Use To Train Your Dog

    Once you have finally bought a dog or adopted a dog, it will be required for you to train the dog if not the dog can become a menace ruining you rugs, peeing and pooping everywhere and making your home a mess. Training is required for all dogs no matter the age whether it is a puppy or fully grown dog as they might do things that will be against your desires. Not only training, but grooming is also very important for dogs and nail clipping is one important aspect of dog grooming. Make sure you have the best dog nail grinder that can make the dreadful process of nail…

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    The Only Puppy Guide You Need to Take the Best Care of Your Little One

    Discover the ultimate puppy guide to take the best care of your little one to give him the best possible start in life here. About 60.2 million American households have at least one dog. If you’re getting ready to bring home a puppy to your household, it can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time.  To ensure you have the best experience with your new puppy, there are a few things you need to know. Follow this puppy guide to ensure you’re ready to welcome your new four-legged friend to their new home.   Start Before Your Pup Comes Home  It’s smart to start educating yourself before you bring your new family member home.…