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Braces Or Invisalign: Which Is The Better Option?  

Everyone is looking out for a clear, straight, aligned smile but it may seem frustrating and daunting to many. No one wants to deal with the hassle of wearing braces, especially as an adult. Traditional braces can be distracting, painful, and even bring down one’s confidence. That’s why most dentists and patients advocate for Invisalign Winnipeg

Invisalign is a very convenient solution to achieving that perfect smile without too much hassle or pain. So what exactly are they and why are they preferred over braces?  

Why Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces?  

Invisalign is a clear or invisible aligner that offers greater flexibility than traditional braces. They are removable aligners that do not cause pain and they subtly align over teeth over time. They are completely customized to every individual’s mouth, making them highly convenient to use. Even though they are highly liked and recommended by many, it is a good idea to research the Invisalign disadvantages to ensure they are the perfect choice for you.

In a lot of places, Invisalign is highly preferred, and here are a few reasons why:  

Helps Maintain Your Overall Oral Health:  

Invisalign aligners are removable, making it extremely easy for you to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth clean. With braces, it often becomes hard to brush and floss your teeth. You have to clean around your braces and this can occasionally hurt. There is often plaque build-up around braces which could end up causing gum diseases or cavities. Of course, you cannot slack off on your oral care with Invisalign either, but it makes the whole process much easier.  

No Food Restrictions 

When you have braces, you often have to stay away from certain foods. Either because they hurt your teeth or they could damage the wires of your braces. People with braces cannot eat hard, crunchy foods or sticky food. With Invisalign, you only have to take off your aligners and eat your favorite foods. Simply brush your teeth after each meal and keep your aligners clean.  

Avoid Damage from Braces:  

Metal brackets often end up scraping the soft tissues inside your mouth, and long wires that aren’t properly trimmed can hurt the inside of your mouth as well. Clear aligners are supreme in terms of the comfort they provide. You can ensure that you’ll never prick your mouth or gums with the aligners.  

Clear aligners are more comfortable because they don’t have any sharp edges or wires to cause injury between appointments. Unlike braces, you also don’t have to tighten Invisalign between appointments. You get a brand new aligner with every visit. They are customized to your transforming teeth. All in all, you end up avoiding a lot of pain!  

Smile With Confidence 

It’s never late to get the smile of your dreams. While many teenagers usually get braces and can be comfortable with it, it might not be as comfortable for you as an adult. If you feel like you would be conscious of wearing clunky metal braces to straighten your teeth, ask your dentist if you can use Invisalign instead. Invisalign is completely clear and most times, no one can tell you’re wearing aligners at all! Do not wait till the end of your healing journey to smile with confidence, when you can do it every day!  

When you’re looking to get Invisalign in Winnipeg, you should note that it is quite affordable and presents you with an easy, simple solution for the perfect smile you’ve always dreamt of!    

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