Father's Day
Savvy Gift Ideas

 Best Haircare Gifts For Father’s Day

They may not express it openly, but just like other people, father’s too love being pampered once in a while, and what better day to shower some more love and affection than on Father’s Day?

That said, fathers given the life they live, often tend to forget to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to skin and haircare. With Father’s Day 2022 being around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to express your true love by gifting these much-needed healthcare products to your superdad.

Dry shampoo

Surprise your father with a perfect hair grooming solution by gifting him an invisible dry shampoo on Father’s Day. Its weightless formula instantly absorbs the excess oil from the hair, without leaving any visible residue. The dry shampoo spray refreshes the hair without using any water and comes in handy when washing is not on the agenda, but good hair is.

Face wash

Based on exposure and outdoor activities, face washes make for excellent skincare gifts for dads who are constantly on the move. They are a  crucial element of everyday overall body care as they are responsible for removing the excess dirt from the face and keeping the skin nourished and moisturized.

In addition, a face wash keeps skin-related ailments like acne at bay.

Beard Care Set

If your father wears a beard, a gift of a good beard care set will make him smile. Make sure the set has all the essential products like beard oil, beard serum, brush, wax and beard shampoo. All these will work well with any type of beard, long or short. So let your dad grow his dream beard this coming Father’s Day.

Hair styling tools

Shampoos, masks and conditioners will take good care of your father’s daily hair care routine, but there is only one tool which can come to his rescue on a busy morning-a good hairstyling product.This could be either a straightener or dryer, anything which can help in perfectly styling and drying the hair faster than ever.

Rejuvenating massage oils

Good grooming kits are no longer the monopoly of women, in fact choosing a grooming gift for a man is no longer an issue. If you really want to pamper your dad on his special day, pamper him with some good massage oils to help his tired and weary body after a hard day at the office. From ayurvedic clove oils to cinnamon herbal body massage cream, the sky’s the limit as far good hair care is concerned.

Hair gels and sprays

Men’s hair grooming has come of age. Hair gel sprays and serums are today an essential part of a man’s hair care kit. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to pay extra attention to your adorable father by presenting him with some good hair gel that will provide his prized locks with a signature easy going vibe.

Remember, Dads are always difficult to please where gifts are concerned, but when it comes to hair styling, they would do anything to step the ante. So don’t miss the opportunity to make him proud this Father’s Day and give him the tools to enhance his hair type.