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An introduction to property management

If you’re already involved in the world of property investment and renting, you’ll likely know what a property manager is. But if you’re a beginner in the field, you may be confused and need a little guidance.

The world of property investment is a haven for safe and reliable investment. Most successful investors will have a few properties in their portfolios, and property investment can see significant profits. Who doesn’t want that!

Property managers can be the make or break between running a successful investment business or not. So if you’re looking to enter property investments, you should know what they are.

Read on to learn more about property managers and how they can benefit you as an investor.

What is a property manager?

A property manager acts as a middle man between landlords and their tenants. This involves a list of duties that need to be completed regularly if renting out a house.

Communicating with tenants

The property manager will first relay the tenants’ issues or queries with the property of renting agreements to the property manager. They then must let the landlord know and attempt to fix any issues or answer any questions.

General upkeep of the property

This is probably the property managers most crucial job, and they must oversee any maintenance or repairs that the property must go through. In general, the property manager will make sure the house is kept in good condition. Moreover, if the owner has plans to develop the property into a bigger one, then the manager should be in a position to assist with the planning and provide appropriate suggestions based on the condition of the property. If necessary, expert strata consultants such as Michael Teys can also be approached to help with the development. Property managers can be of assistance in this aspect as well.

Administrative jobs

If you’ve had experience renting out a house, you’ll know that it comes with a whole load of admin and paperwork. A property manager will sort all the paperwork out for you and ensure all documents are easy to access.

They should stick to your set budget and keep costs as low as possible.

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When should you hire a property manager?

Property managers perform a vital role for investment, but at first glance, it may seem possible that you can complete all those tasks yourself as a landlord.

For investors with a small number of properties or investments, this is true. If you only have one or two properties to manage, you may be able to do the tasks of a property manager. Furthermore, the cost of hiring a property manager at that stage may be less than what you gain from their service.

However, when you expand your portfolio and invest in more houses, it will become increasingly difficult to manage them all yourself. If you have other investments to worry about, then it will make your job even harder.

This is where a property manager comes in. If you don’t have the time or expertise to oversee multiple houses at once, a property manager is worth hiring. 

Therefore, you can still enjoy property investment returns without it taking up all of your free time!

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