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A Guide to Internal Door Finishes

Doors take up a lot of space in your home while seemingly taking up none at all. They’re one of the first things guest notice, even if they don’t use the internal doors. The interior doors can make or break your home. The right doors can create a feel of harmony and the wrong doors leave the space feeling chaotic and oppressive. These feelings affect the residents on a subconscious level and may even put guests off visiting again. 

Finished Doors

Finished doors are doors that arrive ready for installation. They’ve already been painted or varnished, hence “finished”. Each person’s needs are different and each home is different. Online Door Store knows this and has a large variety of finished doors to suit your needs. They’re ideal for people without much time or lacking the space to paint their own doors. 

Primed Doors

Before buying a finished door, make sure you aren’t buying a primed door. A finished door will arrive ready to hang. A primed door will have a layer of primer paint and be ready to paint but not install. 


All the internal doors need to be updated together. They need to be in the same style, preferably with the same finish to create harmony in your home. Finished doors can come in light, dark or bright finishes. White finished doors can make a room appear light and airy. Dark shades add clarity and stand out. Bright colours may clash with the design of the rooms. All rooms need to be considered when deciding on a finish. The door is going to be with your home for a very long time and more than one design fad. 


A fake front can be applied to any door, whether it is a composite material selected for sound proofing a bedroom or a cheaper hollow door for a cupboard. A veneer can even be added to an already solid door for a uniform appearance when selecting natural wood. The veneer is a thin layer over the top of a door that basically looks pretty. The important thing is all the doors need to be in both the same style and color. 


A common finish is the white colored door. This can be over a smooth veneer or over a wooden one. White is very simple and will withstand years of interior design style changes. It goes with most things but may not look entirely suitable with some contemporary designs, where a grey colour finish will look better. 


Even moulded doors can come with a wooden veneer that can make them appear solid until closer inspection. Wood finishes come in a variety of light, dark or bright shades. You want to pay attention to how much light comes into your hallways and whether you are having glazing. Glazing can work with any shade. If they hallway is dark and no glazing is being used, a dark finish can make it feel oppressive.