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5 Ways to Make Your Room Extra Cozy

Did you know that the time you spend in your bedroom is approximately 1/3 of each day? So, it stands to reason that this should be a room that you truly love, and it is important that it is cozy and promotes a good sleep routine. Here are some great ideas to make your room extra cozy. 

Cozy colors

It is really important to have colors in your bedroom that are restful, not stimulating. Bright colors are better suited to kitchens and living spaces, whereas in your bedroom, keeping it more neutral and warmer is a better idea. Neutral shades, muted blues, and restful shades of purple can all create a stunning sleep-inducing environment.

Cozy blankets and pillows

Most people have the traditional duvet and pillow combination on their bed, but to create that extra cozy feeling you can add some throw pillows and fleece blankets that are beautifully soft and warm to touch. You can tone these into the decor colors in the room and create about that you will never want to leave. If you like reading in bed, why not consider something like the Husband Pillow where you have a more upholstered shaped cushion that perfectly supports the back. Prop it up against the headboard when you are reading, and simply move it out of the way further down the bed when you’re ready to sleep.

Cozy lighting

Not only are side lamps a much gentler light provider than ceiling pendants, but you can also use a range of fairy lights, battery-operated candles, and that all-important Himalayan salt lamp which helps the clean the air to create some gorgeous lighting within your room. Soft and gentle lighting creates shadows, which add to the cozy and warm feeling within the room. Bright light stimulates the brain so having these gentler bulbs allows you to rest your brain before you’re ready to turn the lights out and sleep.

Cozy rugs

No matter whether you have stripped floorboards or carpets in your bedroom, a cozy rug can add to the comfort level and create the perfect place for your toes on a cold winter morning. Thick pile rugs or sheepskin have an opulent feel, and I’ll say much nicer I’m putting warm feet onto a cold floor in the early mornings. A thick rug on the floor could also make the perfect space to do some gentle yoga stretching or meditation before you get into bed and snuggle down for the night.

Cozy plants

Plants are really good for the air, and there are plenty of houseplants that recycle and clean, making your sleep even more restful. Have a few of these amazing plants scattered around your room, and even though they are considered outdoor items, they have a wonderful way of being able to make a room feel cozy and more alive. If you don’t think you’re the type of person that can remember to water your plants and keep them alive, then some good quality artificial plants will have the same visual appeal.

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