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5 Benefits Of Doing Something Different On Your Travels

Travel is the chance to get away from the monotonous grind and see new things. Most people want to check out all the sights they’ve liked and shared on travel blogs to be part of the crowd. But, while it’s nice to feel included, these are not the only places in the world. If you want to enjoy a more authentic travel experience, why not try doing something a little different from what you’ve seen online? 

You Get A Unique Experience 

Seeing and doing different things helps you enjoy a new experience that your typical backpacker may never encounter. Whether you’re living in a campervan and traveling the length of the country or taking a trip with friends who want to see the real country, your unique experience will be unlike any other vacation or adventure you’ve been on before. Not only can this make things more fun, but it will also give you a better appreciation for your temporary home. 

You Might Discover Other Things 

Fun experiences can be like branches. You do one thing and then discover more by chatting with other people. Whether you start at the Pineapple Fountain Charleston or the aquarium, you can get advice from locals or people running attractions to find out what else you can do. They might be happy to recommend activities that not everyone knows about, meaning you can enjoy something special that no one else knows about. 

It Won’t Be As Busy 

Doing different things also means that your activity won’t be so busy. Everyone knows about the popular spots at risk of overtourism, so opting for something that you’ll only find out about through word of mouth or being in the right place at the right time can be a welcome change from the fast-paced nature of traveling. If you’re tired of waiting around for influencers to finish their photoshoot, you’ll be amazed when you arrive somewhere that is pretty much deserted. 

You Can Save Money 

Similarly, these attractions are often less expensive. The reason for this is that they are not tourist traps. The people running them often do so because they’re a little quirky or just for the love of the culture. They don’t want your money; they just want to tell their story. You might still want to pay them for entry or purchase a refreshment, but you won’t spend as much as if you visited a more popular attraction. 

It’s Great For Your Instagram 

Even if you’re sick of the influencer culture, you still want to show off your travels on social media. Doing something different can make your brand or account stand out from the crowd and might even encourage others to get in touch with you to ask where you found it. Of course, it’s up to you whether you reveal the secret. 


It’s always fun to do something a little different, and heading off the beaten track could be more enjoyable (and less stressful) than visiting the same places as everyone else. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still see some of the world’s most famous attractions but don’t feel like that’s all you have to see.