5 Applications To Look After Your Body & Mind


B.K.S lyengar once said, ‘Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.’ It’s true that there are so many different aspects to our health, and it does take a bit of a balancing act to get it right! If you’re looking for a few tools to improve your health routine, these six offer a huge range of benefits.

1 . Tangerine

Tangerine is a self-care app which helps users to organize their routine, reflect on their life, and set personal goals. The app makes it simple to work towards healthier habits and track your moods. Tangerine is based on the idea that your routine has a big impact on the way that you feel. Users are prompted to reflect on their day and set goals for the future. Those looking to improve their self care routine and live more mindfully should certainly give Tangerine a try. There are many similar apps which offer support with self care and mental health issues including Mood Path, Sanvello and Happify.

2. Way Of Life

Way Of Life is a habit tracking app, supporting users to track their good habits and break their bad ones. The app helps individuals to build a healthier and happier version of themselves. Way Of Life includes many useful features, including reminders, challenges, note-taking, customizable tags, graphs and custom messages. Whether you’re looking to eat less sugar, improve your fitness or drink less alcohol, Way Of Life can help you to get organized. While the app is designed to help with bad habits, those who have been struggling with alcohol long-term should seek medical attention. Appropriate forms of support include drug and alcohol centers, or alternatives to drug rehab centers.

3. Ferly

Ferly is a self-care app with a difference; it focuses on sexual-self care and the relationship between sex and our physical and mental well being. According to Ferly, the app is about ‘tuning in to one’s own needs and desires, then responding.’ With the Ferly app, you’ll find features such as sensual stories; reflections and challenges; exercises to challenge your insecurities; daily pleasure picks and more!

4. Keep Yoga 

Keep Yoga is an amazing app for yoga, meditation and relaxation. The app offers over four hundred yoga sessions, asanas and guided meditations. Using Keep Yoga, you’ll sleep better, improve your immunity and  develop core strength. The application is suitable for both experts and complete beginners, allowing everyone to master yoga from home at their own pace. Keep Yoga allows you to add yoga friends, keep track of your progress, and receive stress-busting tips.

5. All Out Studio

All Out Studio is one of the best fitness apps for on-demand workouts. Whether it’s bodyweight workouts, barre, HIIT training or dance, this application has something for everyone. In the workout library, you’ll find over one hundred workout classes and special programs for stress relief, weight loss or building muscle. Users can target whichever areas of their bodies that they’d like to focus on, and choose a workout to suit their fitness level. The app features some of the top fitness trainers in the world, so you can be sure that you’re getting a top-quality workout session.

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