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3 Possible Treatments for Mental Health

It is becoming more and more recognized that mental health is a very prevalent and common illness among many people worldwide. It comes in a lot of different forms. With more resources, the hope is that these illnesses can be detected much earlier on than normal. With earlier generations there was a stigma tied to mental health and it may have been deemed a psychological issue and that either there was no helping with these issues, or to just deal with it and get over it. Which we know now more than ever that that is just not possible. With suicidal tentendies occuring all the time, we know there needs to be an easier way to work through these types of things without dehumanizing these people. Listed below are 3 possible treatments for mental health; prescribed medication, psychotherapy, and integrative medicine

Prescribed Medication

There are steps to take with being able to receive prescribed medication from a professionally trained doctor. An appointment with your doctor, in most cases, is required in order to be prescribed medication. He will ask a series of questions and walk you through steps in order to properly diagnose any type of mental illness. It does help to have a therapist to give certain insights of the situation but not necessary. Certain medications do take up to 4-6 weeks to be able to see the full effect so time and patience is crucial. Although it can take multiple trials of different medications to get it right, in the end it can be very worth the sometimes ruthless effort. 


As stated above, psychotherapy (aka therapy) is very helpful when it comes to mental health. If any doctor prescribes a medication, they will suggest some type of psychotherapy. Which is basically talking therapy with lots of different avenues. Having a therapist as someone that may struggle with one or even many mental health issues, is a great way to get things out into the open to be able to discuss openly. A therapist is someone who is unbiased and is trained to help you work through certain emotions that most people just don’t have the tools to be able to do. Usually psychotherapy is a good route for almost anyone. 

Integrative Medicine

What we know about medication is they attempt to increase neurotransmitters chemically. But typically drug medications are known for having multiple symptoms that may or may not affect one person or another. TMS, which is one form of integrative medicine, takes a much different approach physically. TMS is a form of therapy that increases the neurotransmitters electronically instead of chemically and can greatly increase the mood regulation in the brain. This can all be done without the unwanted systemic side-effects that can be caused by some of the medications prescribed by doctors. 

We all know someone that has been affected by mental health one way or another. 1 in 5 adults in the United States have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

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