Worthy reasons to wear a hat – Why it is considered as a necessary accessory

Worthy reasons to wear a hat – Why it is considered as a necessary accessory

So, do you think you’re not a typical person who can look good wearing a hat? If answered yes and if that’s what you’re thinking about yourself, you’re grossly mistaken. There can be no such person, whether male or female who can look ugly with a hat and if you’ve seen such people who don’t look good in hats, then that is probably because they’re wearing the wrong hats with the wrong outfits. Although it is true that hats are those accessories about which men are more aware than women but that doesn’t at all rule out the possibilities of women wearing caps and hats. If you’ve been wondering about the good reasons to wear a hat, this post will help you decipher some of them.

You can break thousand hearts by sporting beanie styles with long hair

beanie2Yes, you read it right. If you can team up a beannie style cap and wear it along with your long hair left open and brought in front on both sides, this will give you an intensely feminine look. Don’t you wish to transfer yourself into a princess by adding just one thing to your wardrobe? Well, if yes, then that’s it! You can be sure of breaking hearts during a single walk to the bus stop!

A hat with a wide brim will always look perfect on a beach


You must have seen pictures of celebrities donning their wide-brimmed hats to their vacations to beaches. So, when you’re looking for a typical style to carry forward to your next beach vacation, you can definitely consider a wide-brimmed hat. Moreover, it gives you added protection from the harmful UV rays and hence you can skip having the sun-tanned skin.

Hats of heavyweight materials makes you look more ladylike


If you see girls wearing such humongous hats with feminine dresses, the first reaction that you would have is to go and get yourself one immediately. Yes, such is the effect of hats made of heavyweight materials and when girls wear it long dresses with a belt attached at the hip, it makes them look even more ladylike.

The skullies usually go with all kinds of outfits


You must have seen those cotton skullies which you get to buy anywhere and everywhere. Buy them in few colors and wear it with matching dresses and you can pep up the look of your casual wardrobe and make it look cuter than before. Remember that short-haired girls look even more amazing in skullies.

Fedoras can create magic on most women


If you’ve already seen guys wearing fedoras who have scared you, you shouldn’t be influenced by that. For women, they’re perhaps the best and the most perfect summer accessory that you can add to your wardrobe. Pair it with simple T-shirt and shorts.

Apart from the above mentioned hat styles, you can also look forward to getting yourself snapback caps from Mitchell & Ness, one of the top American brands. They also look cool on your casual outfits.




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  1. Jeanna Massman says:

    I love hats, especially on bad hair days!

  2. Trinh Quinonez says:

    I love all hats, it brings personality.

  3. Cheryl Everitt says:

    I remember the day long ago that ladies did not leave their house without a hat on. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love hats but I never wear any unless it’s during the winter and it is really cold outside.

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