Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? #ConcealOrReveal

Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? #ConcealOrReveal

GMO herbicideI am very honored to be a part of this fabulous post and hope that each and every one of my Savvy Followers feel the same! Sign up today via the petition below to voice you Savvy Opinion! Say no to GMO’s and make it known that YOU want to know what is in the products that you buy!

Did you know that Quaker’s parent company, PepsiCo, is spending millions to keep you and your family from knowing what’s in your food?

Quaker is one of the Big Food companies, using their deep pockets to lobby against mandatory GMO labeling. Through the trade association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, they’re supporting a bill in Congress we call the DARK Act – Because it would Deny Americans the Right to Know whether our food has been genetically engineered.

Sign The Petition Below To Ask Quaker To Join Us and To Support Mandatory FDA Labeling of GMO’s!!!

GMO AskQuaker

It’s hard maintaining that honest image when they’re stopping consumers from knowing what’s in their food.

GMO crops have led to huge increases in herbicide use, which contributes to an array of threats to the health of people and the environment. And in case you missed it, the World Health Organization recently labeled the main herbicide used on GMO crops as probably carcinogenic.

People all across the country are fed up with being kept in the dark. That is why I am working with Just Label It to bring the Conceal or Reveal Campaign to Quaker’s doorstep. BUT WE NEED YOUR VOICE TOO!


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115 Replies to “Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? #ConcealOrReveal”

  1. I am saying No to GMO. We want to know what’s in the products that we buy for our family.

  2. Rita Leonard says:

    I did not realize that Quaker does not support mandatory labeling for GMOs. This is an issue that affects us all.

  3. Dale Hunsberger says:

    This certainly has been a topic that has been in forefront of the human consumption scene and seems like it really need lots of attention!

  4. Wow, I had no idea how bad the GMO’s were. FDA labeling should be a must!

  5. carissa joslyn says:

    This is great. so many things have GMOS in them. My family and I live a very green lifestyle and we try to eat as organic as possible, id love to see more company’s aim to make better food.

  6. hi, where is the link for the petition?

    1. mcushing7 says:

      It should be the button at the bottom of the post…. “act now” and then you should hit the petition.

  7. i did locate a link called ‘just label it’ and signed petition here….http://www.justlabelit.org/action-center/take-action-congress/#scroll_action_donate

  8. Cynthia C says:

    I want to know exactly what I’m buying to eat and feed my family. I think it’s my right to choose the kind of food I buy.

  9. I applaud our decision to do a post on this. My family has been Non-GMO for years, and we are amazed when we realized how many people do not even know about the issue. On some level I think labeling is already happening. If it is not labeled, it is GMO. However, I think that companies need to know that many Americans (and certainly many people world wide) are opposed of these practices.

  10. Sue Emery says:

    I hope this is where we are suppose to be signing this. I am saying No to GMO! I love Quaker products & Pepsi!! I think we ALL have a right to know everything about a product before we ingest it. Leaving things out is not telling the whole truth – LABEL OR FAIL!!

  11. Kristin K says:

    Definite NO GMO’s!!! I want to eat foods that occur naturally!!! Not in a lab!!!

  12. I did not realize that Quaker does not support mandatory labeling for GMOs.

  13. robyn donnelly says:

    My daughters and I are being more careful about gmos.

  14. Sharron Gunter says:

    Years ago there was many bad things in our food because there was no one governing our food.But we could usually always trust the more simpler grown foods.Oats and wheat .But now to make things last longer on the shelves chemicals and dyes enter the picture.But worse is not knowing what’s in our foods at all.We are asking to know everything in our foods.I hope it is all whole ,clean food.Food we don’t have to worry about feeding our families.Please support the labeling for GMO’s. So we can know what we are feeding our family
    Thank You

  15. Seyma Shabbir says:

    This is great! We do not need GMO’s. Natural and safe is better!

  16. I agree that I do not want my food modified! No to GMO!

  17. ellen beck says:

    I would have thought Quacker would have been labeling since they have a heart … I would love to see them start labeling.

  18. Alana Vester says:

    I like to know what is in the food that I feed my family. I think companies should inform us of what is in our food. Why are they trying to prevent us from knowing what is in our food? Is it that bad?!

  19. Apryl Potter says:

    I can’t believe that the government of the free world would keep the consumers of the USA in the dark like this. I guess anything can be done if you’ve got enough money to line senators & governors back pockets!! Absolutely I will sign this petition! Thay can’t get away with this!!

  20. marla king says:

    Signed the petition. We need to be more aware of what we are putting in our bodies.

    1. mcushing7 says:

      Thanks Marla! You rock for signing and hopefully we can take a stand to make them do what they already should have!

  21. Anthony M says:

    Stop lining your pockets with money & stop using GMO’s. If you’ve got nothing to hide then put on a label and let the customer decide if they want to buy it. The internet crowd is smart so by fighting the labels we all know not to eat your food anymore.

    1. mcushing7 says:

      Thanks for your support Anthony! We do have to stand up and let them know that we want to know what they are putting in our foods!

  22. Hargow Wong says:

    Consumers have the right to know what is in the food. Say no to GMO.

    1. This food looks yummy

  23. This whole GMO’s situation should have been addressed a long time ago, and they didn’t. Now it kind of exploded on the whole industry, it actually reminds me of asbestos.

    1. mcushing7 says:

      Thanks for your support and I hope you signed the petition…. have a great day!

  24. katklaw777 says:

    I truly believe in this cause and have signed the petition. I have signed similar petitions on other sites and I hope all the attention this issue is getting will help!

    1. mcushing7 says:

      Thanks so very much for your support!

  25. Soha Molina says:

    We are more aware of GMOs now.

  26. Holly Chernoff says:

    everyone has to say NO to GMO and require proper labeling so we can shop wisely!

  27. Melinda Stephens says:

    While it doesn’t bother me to eat GMO products, I believe that everybody has the right to know so they can make that decision for themselves.

  28. Thank you for sharing this important message.

  29. RANDY FULGHAM says:

    sure they start labeling –we need to know

  30. It’ shocking that there is even a question of companies being able to conceal this, but it’s very widespread.

  31. the more are aware of thing we have place here that uses natural thing for the gowing of the tree and then there fruits and then the animal are feed all natural food
    no gmo no more

  32. Due to my health issues and one of my sister having had cancer we watch the content of our food.

  33. I have already signed the petition and I believe they should keep us informed!!

  34. NORA GRAHE says:

    Thank You for helping to share and get out the word! We need more to do this! I know it is vital that we have this information for we must know what is going into our families bodies! I have had a lot of health problems but found that most, which I never would have credited it, was caused by what I ate! I was astounded with some of the things I have been discovering and companies are growing rich on it! I guess I should not be this surprised but still I am and more disappointed than anything else. Shame on them all! I hope they sleep well at night!

  35. Kristin Henderson says:

    Wow!! Who knew!! I certainly agree with NO GMO’S!! I SIGNED THE PETITION!!

  36. sierraaspn@aol.com says:

    Gmo’s are bad news… I say a fat NO to GMOS.

  37. Richard Hicks says:

    I think full disclosure of what is in our foods by manufacturers is a must

  38. Im glad that people are now taking GMO seriously in 2012 in California there was Proposition 37 where it would label GMO products and remove any product that states its “natural” but it was rejected, I live in this state and its so frustrating that time that something to important did not have enough votes. People are not informed about GMO and it needs to be out there.

  39. a very nice blog

  40. Jamie Williams says:

    i had no idea of any of that, wow! thanks for the post.

  41. Jessica Lodge says:

    I try my best not to buy any brand that doesn’t label their food or that supports not labeling it. We eat 90% organic as it is, and Quaker will definitely not be getting the other 10% of non organic money.

  42. Megan Scharlau says:

    All food providers should label their products! It’s just wrong if they refuse!

  43. vickie couturier says:

    to be honest I dont care ,ill eat them anyway

  44. It just seems so underhanded to not disclose all ingredients.

  45. Wendy Caddy says:

    I say “no” to GMO’s in my food, and “Yes” to mandatory labeling.

  46. rachel cartucci says:

    I always liked the Quaker brand name. I hope we can force all these big companies to be honest and reveal the Gmo or not……I would like to know what I have been eating.

  47. laura rubenstein says:

    This is nuts! Sign me up!

  48. Dale Hunsberger says:

    Yes – I think it should be disclosed- theres enough mi swing around with the way our food is grown and it affects all of us.

  49. Deborah W. says:

    The government is doing nothing to promote the health of the consumer, whether man, woman or child. They refuse to push through healthy legislation to label the genetically modified foods. The FDA is not working for you and me anymore, they are working for the big chemical companies and have been for a long time. Other countries have recognized and promoted labeling; but not the USA.

  50. terry myers says:

    NO GMO please think about the children

  51. I think that every company that includes GMOs in their products needs to have it listed on their ingredients list.

  52. Dale Hunsberger says:

    It’s about time we got back to healthier foods!

  53. Donna Jacoby says:

    I signed the petition. I have recently learned how important it is to have ingredients clearly listed. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for your support! It is huge!

  54. I wish everything was made without GMO’s

  55. Fee Roberts says:

    I’ve signed several petitions to make it mandatory to label everything, especially if it’s GMOs, that’s it our foods. Everyone has the right to know what they put into their bodies.

  56. I definitely support labeling! I think it’s wrong that we have to label our food as a healthy alternative. We shouldn’t have to say “organic produce” instead it should say “gmo produce.”

  57. Sandra Watts says:

    I already commented so I just tweeted it again for ya because I feel strongly about it too!

    1. Thanks so much Sandra! I always love you comments and truly appreciate that you stop by and comment! You rock! Thank You! This is definitely a big deal!

  58. terry myers says:

    I want my food choices to be right when labed

  59. sarah poole says:

    Totally agree they need to be labeled!!!!!

  60. I asked once and it was answered but… I don’t remember what GMO means, sorry…. I have signed the petition as I remember thinking it was a needed thing.

  61. Sandra Watts says:

    Shared again. I am in agreement!

  62. Elizabeth H. says:

    I absolutely agree!!!

  63. i support the labeling of what our food is comprised of, but I also support gmo products. they make our foods better, decrease water use, etc.

  64. I have signed the petition. We should get what we want for our familys

  65. My school did a huge project on GMO research and even compared our research to the book we were reading in English, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Even though I personally was not fond of the book itself, the way our food industry has curved from innocent and healthy to selfish in efficient produce is sickening. One day there will be too many diseases for humanity to keep up with, and it will be all thanks to the way our society is making it impossible to take care of ourselves.

  66. Sandra Watts says:

    Sharing again. 🙂

  67. joan tazisalady says:

    I believe labels should disclose everything like GMOs, then every1 can decide if they want to buy it or not

  68. Sandra Watts says:

    Shared again.

  69. laurie murley says:

    I have eaten a lot of quacker oats in my life. but I do worry about whats in my food

  70. I use to eat oats from quaker

  71. This issue is very important. Thanks for letting us know about this petition!

  72. It really is just mind boggling that companies don’t want to reveal. That just makes it more worrisome to me.

  73. Cheryll Shubert says:

    Thank you so much for this…I had no idea and I buy a lot of their products. As a new mother, I try to put only healthy foods in my little guys belly and this topic is so important. we have a right to know what we are feeding our children. Thanks again for this post!!

  74. I have already signed the petition. I am shocked at Quaker Oats attitude! I love their products. BUT we have he right to know what is going into ours or our loved ones bodies!!!

  75. I am so glad that I heard about this from you. Thanks once again.

  76. Michael Lambert says:

    Thank you for this great post, lots of great information I did not realize. Very big disappointment in this company.

  77. Lula Ruger says:

    I signed the petition thanks for making us aware of this i did not know

  78. Gloria Walshver says:

    I am really surprised at Quaker Foods.

  79. Signed! I find this very important.

    1. mcushing7 says:

      Thank You so much! Please spread the word for this important issue!

  80. Auntiepatch says:

    I, too, am surprised at Quaker Foods. This is something that MUST be included on the label for safety sake. ALL of our safety sakes!

  81. I hope GMOs get exposed, no more secret nasties!

  82. Crazy. I knew the name/acronym but didn’t really knew what it was or what it did.

  83. great cause, thanks for sharing this!

  84. Please no GMO’s. We don’t know what chemicals are on the foods we buy and eat. I think these do cause cancer in some. I did sign the petition.

  85. Cudoes to you.go get em.thanks for standing up for others who can’t.

  86. Danielle Nantau says:

    I say NO to GMOs!!!

  87. David Fultner says:

    With one disease the worlds food supply could be wiped out.

  88. My husband ate oat just about every morning. Thank you for the information

  89. My husband ate oats just about every morning.

  90. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I too support No Gmos..I signed the Petition~ Our food should be Mandatory Labeled! We can then make our own choice’s of whether to Purchase them or not!!

  91. To me an omission is just like not telling the whole truth. I like to know the WHOLE truth. Signed the petition with pleasure!!

  92. abby pafford says:

    GMO labeling is a MUST!!! They are killing us!

  93. I had no idea! Thank you for sharing this, it certainly helped me and my family to be more awake of whatwe’re actually putting in my body that companies don’t inform us about.

  94. Karen Nadeau says:

    I singed this and it is worth it.

  95. I am trying to spread the word as good as I can on this great cause.

  96. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I made sure I singed it thanks having one child with Cancer and one with a heart transplant what they eat is so important to me.

  97. Haroon Khan says:

    I say NO to GMOs!

  98. Lori pouncey says:

    Such an important topic! Thank you for supporting and bringing awareness to people! I have signed the petition 🙂

  99. Theresa C. says:

    GMOs are one of the worst things in our lives today!

  100. I absolutely so no to GMOs; they are not safe.

  101. I try to purchase no GMO products, but it can be difficult to find!

  102. GMO’s are so bad for you!!!

  103. I am glad to see that Posh on a Budget supports this cause. Thanks so much, I hope that we all can ally.

  104. Shannon Davis says:

    Thanks for sharing this. People should definitely know what they’re doing with our food. Hopefully this petition will cause a positive change with Quaker. So many of us grew up eating their food and I hate to think about all the GMOs we’ve eaten without even knowing it.

  105. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    I am aware that Quaker has GMO’S in their food, and I am not Happy about it….. Americans want food without chemicals…. NO GMO’S.

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