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Traveling with the New iPhone 7 Plus? Don’t Forget to Pack its Skin

There’s a lot to pack into your luggage as your prepare for your fall-time vacation. Your passport obviously takes precedence but then there are also all of your shoes, your clothes, and toiletries. It can take some effort to get it all to fit, and you find that – no matter how good you are at Tetris – you can’t seem to find a space for everything. You can pull extra shoes and shirts without missing them too much on your trip, but whatever you do, don’t forget your iPhone 7 skin! It’s an essential addition to your suitcase because it’s the only way to make sure your new phone survives the holiday. Speaking of phones surviving, buying something like the IP68 protected smartphones can help put your mind at ease if your phone was to drop or other accidental damages. If you know that you’re a little clumsy and your new iPhone won’t have any chance of making it home in one piece, then this may be ideal for you. But if not, make sure you have your iPhone 7 skin for protection.


Sure, it comes with a faster and more efficient processor and a longer battery life, but the real reason why you bought the brand new 7 right before your trip overseas is because of its camera. Its dual 12-megapixel camera includes a wide-angle 28 mm and a 56 mm telephoto lens. Its superior zoom is complemented by an f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization, meaning you can shoot in low-light and still get bright, clear photos. Meanwhile the front-facing 7-megapixel camera lets you take perfect selfies every time.

Forget the camera for a minute. Who doesn’t want to have a phone that has a longer battery life? Everyone loves to have a phone that you don’t have to worry about charging for a long period of time. Unfortunately, not all iPhones have this feature and you may be required to charge it more often. But if you have a charger that can charge a phone fast, you’ll soon forget how annoying this can be. Chargers can make all the difference between the life and death of your phone, (literally). Luckily for the users of the iPhone 7 Plus, this won’t even be a concern So, back to the camera.

The latest Apple phone is going to replace your need for carrying around a separate camera, but it also means your phone is going to be put under a lot of stress. Traveling naturally comes with a lot more wear and tear than your average day, as you take the device on your flight, on a walking tour, and whatever acrobatics you need to undergo to get the best background for your selfie. Without a protective covering or one of the custom iphone cases, you may come home with more than just pictures. Your brand new 7 can return with cosmetic damages.

One of my friends just got back from spending a year working in Singapore. While there, she dropped her phone and it wouldn’t turn back on. It can be so scary when technology lets us down, especially now that we store all our work documents and photos on our phones. Fortunately, she searched online for iphone fix singapore and her phone was able to be saved. But is there a way to protect your iPhone from being dropped in the first place?

A protective covering like a skin made from a top manufacturer like dbrand can make sure your 7 records your entire trip without sacrificing its good looks. They’re made from a vinyl that is strong enough to withstand rough surfaces, sharp objects, and careless handling. In fact, the material increases the grip of the sleek phone, giving your fingers more to hold onto while you romp around your destination. When you get one of the new iPhone 7 skins from dbrand you can also outfit your device in colors and textures the designers at Apple have never dreamed of.

From bright orange carbon fiber and fire engine red to stark stone and organic zebra wood, there’s a style that will hit home for everyone – including you. You can mix and match, making a coordinated scheme, or you can deck the new 7 in a monochromatic design – whatever suits your tastes, mood, or even vacation.

As you look up the best way to fold your clothes and practice vacation-inspired origami, remember one thing that should always accompany you on your trip. An iPhone 7

wrap, skin, or decal made from vinyl should be covering your brand new smartphone before you pass through customs. It’s the only way you can ensure your device will arrive home in one piece.



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