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Top Benefits of a Hanging Phone Holder 

hanging Phone Holder

hanging phone holder is a great tool for many different purposes. Hands free smart phone mounts are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! They increase the functionality of your phone and free up your hands to be doing other things. 

One of the drawbacks of widespread technology is that we end up being distracted most of the time. Our devices take all of our attention away from getting daily tasks completed and enjoying our day to day activities. Using a phone holder can easily curb your habits with your phone and ultimately make it a more functional device. Let’s explore some of the top benefits of using these awesome devices to enhance your smartphone experience. 

For Driving 

Phone mounts in the car are essential especially for anyone doing a lot of commuting to unfamiliar areas. This way, you can easily see your directions and take advantage of voice commands available on your phone. Using your phone while driving is dangerous and can cause harm to both yourself and others, so using a hands free device in the car is definitely a must-have improvement for anyone on the road. 

Home Office Use 

Installing hanging phone holders in your office is a great way to both house your device somewhere safe and accessible, and help curb the desire to be constantly checking your texts and emails. This is an easy way to get burnt out early in your day, and having your phone in a designated location that it stays in at home is a great way to manage the time you spend on your device. Plus, having your phone hands free in your office frees up your attention for other things that need to be done throughout the day. You can easily answer a call and continue your work for easy multitasking.

Less Distraction 

Designating a few locations where you can prop your phone up and leave it charging is a great way to space your mental energy out. With our phones constantly going off, a phone stand is an easy place to view incoming messages, calls, emails and any other notifications that might come through. A hanging phone holder gives a great option to easily view and interact with your phone. 

Ultimately, you want your phone to serve its purpose while also managing the time you’re spending on screens all day. While essential and necessary in a lot of ways, we should optimize our spaces so we aren’t constantly looking down into our laps to engage with our devices. 

For Entertainment

If you use your phone to watch TV, listen to music, podcasts or play video games, having a hanging phone holder is a great addition to your entertainment setup. This way you can have a playlist going while you cook and keep your phone easily accessible to change songs during the process. Additionally, you could have it hanging above your workstation for easy viewing and communication while you cook, work or clean. 


Hanging phone holders make it easier to take advantage of lounge space in your home. You can watch your favorite TV shows and Youtube videos while lying on your couch, bed or in your favorite armchair.

Less Damage 

If you take your phone everywhere you go in your home, chances are you will eventually drop it and risk damaging your screen or the internal components of your device. A secure hanging phone holder keeps your device safe and localized so you always know where it is and that you’re not risking breaking a valuable tool for your daily life and routine. They even have a bike phone holder so that you can hit the trails riding for hours and keep your phone securely in place in the event you need it during your travels.

Consider installing your phone holder somewhere in your home above soft padding so that in the event it does get knocked from its holder, it will be landing somewhere soft and safe. 

Hanging phone holders offer a multitude of options when it comes to enhancing your smartphone experience. It helps us organize our space and time, making room for the important things in our lives. While we inevitably rely on these devices on a daily basis, it’s important to think about how these things can enhance our lives rather than take them over. These kinds of accessories allow us to integrate smartphones and tablets into our lives as tools to benefit us rather than slow us down and distract us. Screens are amazing tools, so let’s make sure we utilize them to their full potential. Consider where in your home would benefit most from a hanging phone holder to improve your screen time and enhance your workflow or entertainment experience.