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The Steps You Need to Take to Improve Your Posture

Today, many of us are holding demanding schedules. For some, that means long hours at a desk and for others, that may mean long hours on your feet. In either situation, it’s essential to think about how you are holding your body and practice good posture. How we support our core and spine affects all of our body and its functions, so it’s important to prioritize your posture and support that even when you have to sit for long periods or spend long hours on your feet. One of the best ways to encourage good posture is by making sure your seated areas in your home are equipped with posture-improving products that support your lumbar, coccyx and core. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to improve posture with Everlasting Comfort

Coccyx Cushion 

A coccyx cushion is a seat cushion that is designed to support your tailbone and take pressure off the bone when you are seated. These cushions have gained extreme popularity through the years as they allow any chair to be comfortable and supportive. This is something that a lot of people tend to skimp on because they think they need an expensive chair. A seat cushion ergonomically designed to support your back will do wondrous things for your posture and overall core strength. Many of these products today are made with soft memory foam for maximum comfort. 

Cushion for Lumbar Support 

In addition to a seat cushion, a back cushion will work seamlessly with a coccyx pillow to improve your posture and comfort. These cushions are designed to support your lower back and lumbar to improve on lower back strength. Anyone experiencing lower back pain is likely overusing their lower back and putting too much pressure on the spine. These cushions take the pressure off and help you support your entire back. Depending on specific pain, consider using one or both of these cushions to improve your posture when working from home or simply just relaxing. 

Knee Pillows

You may not know this, but it’s actually really great for your back to sleep with a pillow between your knees. Similar to the way that seat and lumbar cushions are designed to take pressure off your back and nerves while seated, knee pillows do the same thing while you’re asleep. A standard pillow will accomplish some of what we’re talking about, but there are specific cushions designed for this purpose and made from memory foam for added comfort and support. Don’t settle for a lumpy ordinary pillow, treat your body the way it deserves so you can wake up feeling rested and rid of soreness upon waking. 

Bed Wedge 

For anyone experiencing chronic back, neck or shoulder pain, consider using a wedge pillow while laying in bed. These pillows are designed to align your back to help with issues such as sleep apnea and chronic back pain. One of the biggest causes of chronic back pain is from sleeping in strange positions after over working. These wedge pillows can help keep your back aligned while you’re resting or sleeping in bed. 


Aside from helping support your back when you’re resting, good posture ultimately comes from using our back and muscles in healthy ways. Exercise routines such as yoga and pilates can help strengthen your core and further support your efforts towards better posture and a healthier body. A good percentage of people work in office jobs that have us sitting in the same position for long periods of time, so we need to counteract that by doing intentional stretching and exercise to stay healthy and keep our energy up. In addition to exercise routines, simply taking daily walks can do a lot for keeping your body from getting tired and stiff. 

Better posture means a healthier, happier body and supports a more positive lifestyle. The more steps we take to make sure we have options in our homes in addition to regular exercise will make you feel stronger and more confident in no time at all. Ultimately, what matters most is how we feel throughout each day. If you take care of your posture, you will be more rested and have more energy to take on anything that happens in your day. Whether it’s work or home life that keeps you the most busy, taking care of your back and posture is essential for staying in the game. Consider taking these steps to improve your daily habits and support a strong and confident posture. 

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