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The Hoover® Quest™ 700 Robot Vacuum ~ Why You & Your Family Needs One #Hoover

The Hoover® Quest™ 700 Robot Vacuum ~ Why You & Your Family Needs One #Hoover

hoover44I received this item for review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless…I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and for my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers!  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

I love trying new things that will make my life easier all while keeping my home clean amidst the chaos of our crazy busy lives and that is why I had to share my love of the new Hoover® Quest™ 700 Robot Vacuum. This vacuum is truly an amazing addition to any homes cleaning needs. I absolutely love that you can schedule this to clean when you are home as well as when you are away. It is like having a cleaning service that is cleaning your floors for you on a schedule made to fit your needs. I can actually focus on other chores like cooking and cleaning the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bedrooms, etc. PLUS an added bonus with this robotic vacuum is that it is Bluetooth enabled! You can actually schedule, start, stop, direct or dock your vacuum from the convenience of your phone. That makes this unit even more amazing!

There are so many other amazing features with the Hoover® Quest™ 700 Robot Vacuum as well. One is the QuestNav 2.0 technology which is a Built-In Navigation system that enables the Quest to easily maneuver around and under you furniture. It uses a combination of cleaning patterns to provide a consistent and effective clean. I also love that this unit comes with Cliff sensors that prevents the unit from falling down a set of stairs. That is a great option for me as I am using this on the top floor of my home and I do not have to worry about it accidentally tumbling down the stairs while it is cleaning. I have seen this work first hand and it is pretty awesome. There is also a cool feature that you can activate on this unit called an invisible wall. This feature will keep the Quest 700 in a particular room that you want, if needed. I also love that this unit automatically returns to the docking station as well, to recharge between cleanings. I really love that because the unit is ready to go whenever you need it to clean! I also love the Tri-Clean System which picks up dirt, dust and pet hair on your home floors, along the walls and it even gets into those corners to ensure a thorough clean. This little guy cleans multiple floor types too and seamlessly transitions from floor type to floor type whether it be carpet, hardwood, tile or all three. I also love that you can spot clean with this unit. You can actually direct your Quest to a desired spot and command it to clean that area, all with the convenience of you fingertip controls via the remote. It is simply awesome and so easy to use once you have it set up and scheduled to clean on a regular basis.

The Hoover® Quest™ 700 Robot Vacuum is simply awesome. I just love it. It has truly freed up tons of my time so that I can spend more time making memories with my family. This unit works great with pets as it really gets into the nooks and crannies of every room in your home. I have 1 cat and 2 dogs and it works great keeping the floors spotless. I have to admit that I am  amazed at how well this unit works at keeping my home vacuumed, swept and clean. I simply empty the large sized dirt bin each night or morning, and that way the unit is ready to do its thing during the day. However often you want it to clean is basically up to you. It works efficiently and has been a life saver and time saver for myself and my family. My husband loves the Bluetooth option and he says that it is pretty easy to use and set up with the instructions found in the product manual. He had it set up in no time and just loves it. This is an awesome robotic vacuum and seriously…. Hoover technology has never been more amazing!


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  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    I would love to have one of these. They sound incredibly efficient and would cut my cleaning so much.

  • Kristen Schwarz

    This thing is awesome! I definitely need one now. Would help me keep up on my vacuuming. Love it!

  • Jess Benoit

    I love my Quest 700. We use it daily, sometimes twice a day. With cats, dogs, 3 children, and a husband..it gets a lot of use! We are having a problem getting the app to connect on both of our phones & have been in talks with Hoover to get it fixed. I hope it does because the BT would be very useful.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I really would love one of these. I have pets and two young grandchildren at home. This would be a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing

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