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The Fragrance Journey Begins! I Am Officially A Scentsy Consultant PLUS Check Out My Summer Vibes Scentsy Online Party!

I am super excited to share that I have officially decided to become a Scentsy Consultant! I am seriously obsessed with fragrance and always have been ever since my grandmother would take me to the little craft and country shops that smelled of simmering potpourri when I was a kid vacationing to visit my grandparents. There is nothing like it and my mom used to always simmer potpourri too which is why I love a fragranced home as it truly makes a home a home. This is why I decided to join the Scentsy team! I cannot wait to share my favorites with you when I receive my first shipment…. but in the meantime let’s take a look at what I am loving so far and I have to admit…. I am loving everything!

So in case you have not heard of Scentsy before…. let me tell you a bit about them. Scentsy started in 2004 as Heidi and Orville Thompson’s “swing for the fences” moment to change their own lives through wickless candles and decorative warmers and it has grown into an international business opportunity with a culture that feels like family. I just love this and I love fragrance as it makes us feel and connect to our deepest memories, like my story of my grandmother.

Now…. wax melts have always been my favorite way to fragrance because they smell and they make your home smell amazing. If you want strong scent then Scentsy is for you PLUS their gorgeous array of fragrances and warmers are perfection and add the perfect touch to any room in your home. 

Another item that I am in love with from Scentsy are their mini warmers that plug right into an outlet like a night light. They light up like a night light but they also warm to melt your favorite Scentsy Bar Wax Cubes. I am picking up a few of these for various rooms throughout my home as they are just amazing and perfect for ensuring wonderful fragrance in that room. But it does not stop at warmers and wickless candles as Scentsy has so many other products. From products for your furry family members, to products for your laundry, body products, fragrance options for your car and more. They even have diffusers and oils now! They have it all and I cannot wait to share my journey and my favorites with you along the way.

Scentsy has fabulous bundle and save options for the items you love form Scentsy plus the have the Bring Back My Bar in which you can stock up on the top 25 Bring Back My Bar Fragrances while supplies last. They even have some cool items that my husband will love such as Marvel & Disney warmers, Scentsy Buddies and more. Stay tuned as I will be sharing a lot as I am obsessed with fragrance and am excited to be on this fragrance journey with you all! I can’t wait to share so stay tuned! Oh….and if you need some fragrance in your life… shop today from my Scentsy Store!



My Summer Vibes Scentsy Online Party

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