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The Best Wedding Colors and Their Connections to Holiday Seasons

Wedding seasons can be year-round. However, wedding colors change every season. The festive atmosphere that the holiday season brings is why many couples choose to host their wedding around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve. Ideally, research shows that there is a rise in winter weddings. 

Holiday seasons are not fun without a festive spirit— red and green are also good color combinations for festive outfits. However, there are more color combinations

Though summer weddings are stunning, some downsides are associated with them and winter weddings are on the rise. For one thing, the sweltering heat affects the bride’s makeup and coiffed wedding hairstyle. There’s also the problem of guests opting out because of uncomfortable weather conditions. But, with winter weddings, all that can be avoided. 

A winter wedding comes with a number of advantages: 

Less Stress  

As the wedding typically takes place inside, guests are less likely to be exposed to the elements, which is a common concern during outdoor weddings in the warmer seasons. 

No Humidity 

This means there will be no interference with bridal makeup and hair. 

Better Rates and More Venues 

Many couples book up wedding venues during the summer, and prices are so high during this season. However, the same venues are available during colder months and lower prices. 

Free Decorations 

Booking a wedding venue that aligns with a holiday is beneficial when it comes to decor. You may get the venue already decorated for the holiday season, which comes as a bonus. 

Cheap Travel and Accommodations 

Hotel and travel prices are at peak summer. However, guests can take advantage of the off-season pricing for travel and accommodation alternatives with winter. 

Since different colors and color combos each have a suitable season and wedding color outfits combination, you will get a detailed explanation of each specific color and its connection to holiday seasons. 


The color red is perfect for all seasons but with other color combinations, as we will see below. Red represents love and works fine for the first quarter of the year. Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, and many couples will dress in a red outfit. According to the Chinese calendar (Lunar new year), red represents good fortune, success, and happiness. 


Green is a popular color used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Green beer, shamrocks, and rivers make green a color inspired by history. St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated March 17, is to commemorate the death date of Ireland’s foremost patron saint. Universally, the green shamrock is associated with “The Luck of the Irish.” 

Besides that, green indicates nature, growth, and balance. Green evokes harmony if you prefer green and its shade colors. Its shades are a good combination for winter and spring weddings. A popular choice for brides would be Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses


Navy is one of the most versatile and neutral colors. Navy is an excellent choice for spring and summer. During spring, navy is a clear and bright color (true navy) that can help you achieve a perfect spring shade. True navy is not a soft color. For summer, it’s popularly known as the French navy. It’s slightly grayed and muted, making it softer and lighter than true navy. 


Grey is an achromatic color. It is best categorized under winter and autumn. If combined with bold or primary colors like black and white, it’s a good color. Autumn is a season of muted colors, so it can help motivate your holiday spirit with a perfect color combination. 


Gold is a perfect metallic color for winter weddings. Different gold color palettes evoke all types of moods and atmospheres for your wedding. Whether it’s for a delicate, ultra-dramatic glamour vibe, or feminine vintage spirit, gold is a versatile color that may tie your visual elements together. 

All White 

All white is an all-around color making it suitable for all seasons. White indicates peace. Also, white is a cool color making it ideal for the summer season. White does not absorb so much heat making it suitable for summer weddings and seasons. 

You can count on this seasonal color palette for a magical snowy Christmas. That’s a combination of various shades and tints of white color with a little gold and silver. 


Burgundy is a symbol of intensity and individuality. It’s a deep hue mistaken for maroon as it’s a color combination of red, brown, and purple tint. Burgundy is a perfect choice for deep winter as it’s known for shaded colors. Also, it blends into the cool colors of winter for a casual style look. 

Gold and Grey 

It’s the best combination of sunshine and seriousness. Gold awakens nature and cheerfulness, combining it perfectly with grey, adding a layer of maturity for the holiday season. 

Red and Green 

This color combo is associated with classic Christmas celebrations. So if you’re planning a wedding with this color combo, it will be best to save dates for the Christmas holiday. 

Warm or Cool 

When selecting the best color for your holiday season or wedding, you should go for what suits you best. First, you should understand which color scheme you lean towards naturally, cooler or warmer. Having this in mind will not only help you come up with the best colors but make your wedding day that much more memorable. 

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