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The Best Chicken Breeds for Eggs

America is absolutely crazy for eggs. In fact, on average, Americans eat around 300 eggs every year

Of course, all of these egg-related costs can quickly add up. And many eggs are laid in terrifying conditions where the chickens are treated poorly. This can lead to diseases and other issues.

One way to get around these problems is to raise your own chickens. But which are the best chicken breeds for eggs? Luckily for you, we’ve got the answers you need.

So keep on reading and we’ll take you through everything you’ll want to know!

1. Rhode Island Red

This chicken breed originated in America and they are known as dual-purpose chickens. This is because you can raise them for their meat or for their eggs.

Rhode Island Reds are some of the most popular backyard chicken breeds because they’re tough and lay a bunch of eggs. 

These birds lay around 250 eggs every year. The eggs are medium-sized and brown. 

Also, these chickens can easily look after themselves. They’re also friendly and are great for people who are new to raising chickens. 

You want to make sure that you house them in high-quality chicken coops so they don’t break out and destroy your garden. Take a look at these examples to learn more. 

2. Leghorn

If you grew up watching Looney Tunes as a child, then you’re probably well aware of Foghorn Leghorn. Leghorn chickens arrived in America from Italy in the 19th century. They’ve been popular chickens ever since.

These chickens lay around 250 eggs each year. The eggs will be medium-sized and white. 

Leghorns are very shy and can be hard to tame. 

3. Sussex

Similar to the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex is a dual-purpose chicken. This means that they can be raised for either meat or eggs. 

Like the other birds we mentioned on this list, you can expect a Sussex chicken to lay around 250 eggs per year. Their eggs will vary in color, from creamy white to brown.

The Sussex chickens come in eight different colors. Most of them have a pure white body with black tail feathers and black neck feathers. 

These chickens are very calm and will happily roam around your garden without destroying anything. If you want a tame breed that will eat right out of your hand, then go with a Sussex chicken.

4. Plymouth Rock

Also known as Barred Rock, the Plymouth Rock is a great chicken breed for first-timers who want a chicken that lays eggs every couple of days. A healthy Plymouth Rock chicken will lay around 200 eggs each year. These eggs are going to be small and have a light brown color.

These birds are big and want to live a free-range lifestyle. They’re also very friendly and can be tamed easily.

The Importance of Knowing the Best Chicken Breeds for Eggs

Raising your own chickens can be a fun and lucrative endeavor. However, it’s important that you know about the best chicken breeds for eggs so that you don’t end up raising a bunch of chickens that don’t yield that many eggs.

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