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Ten Handy Pieces Of Equipment Every Kitchen Should Have


If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s worth getting the most out of it. Getting new kitchen utensils, appliances and general equipment can put the fun back into cooking. Everyone has plates, cutlery and an oven, but what other pieces of equipment do you need?

Here are some of the best things to have in your kitchen for food, drink and general convenience. If your kitchen doesn’t have these ten pieces of essential kitchen equipment, it might be time to check them off your list!



Blenders are handy for a number of reasons. You can use them to create sauces, such as blending tomatoes, garlic and onions together for a great spaghetti sauce. They can also be used for mixtures- maybe you want to mix a banana in with some flour and milk for a great pancake mix. Are you looking for any further information about blenders or kitchen equipment? Before you buy be sure to have a look at the Best Products Pro reviews! However, these days we are all about saving the environment and reducing the amount of plastic we produce.
Using a glass blender reduces plastic so I would even recommend you doing this to do your part to save the planet!

And they’re not just for food, you can also mix great drinks. Milkshakes, fruit smoothies or even cocktails can be made in a blender. You can even blend ice to make a great summer drink!

There’s a plethora of good uses for blenders, so if you don’t have one already, make sure you invest in one.


Juicers are similar to blenders but with some slight differences. Instead of mashing everything together like a blender, they use special measure to extract the juice from your mixture. This makes them ideal if you like your fruit drinks without any pulp.

Juicers are also used for various healthy fruit and vegetable drinks. It can be a perfect way to fit in your five-a-day, so it’s worth getting one. But if you’re not interested in buying one, why not check out this Ergo Chef My Juicer II Giveaway?

Induction Ready Cookware

Stovetops commonly come in gas or electric form. However, induction stovetops are arguably an even better alternative. Induction cooking involves equipment using electromagnetism to generate heat. This is a great way to cook as you can easily control the heat, getting your food just right.

You don’t have to get your kitchen refitted. Induction stovetops that you can simply plug-in and use are readily available. If you plan to use one, it’s important to get the right cookware for induction stoves. Induction ready cookware will work on any kind of stove, but other kinds of cookware will not work on induction stoves.

Induction cooking is one of the most efficient methods of cooking, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Coffee Machine


Coffee machines or coffee-makers get you that Cup of Joe with minimal effort. Whilst you need to check some Kaffeevollautomat Test, or coffee machine tests, before buying one, they are very handy to have. You can have your coffee ready quickly in the morning for a quick caffeine boost. These are especially good for a big family or even a workplace, as they provide multiple cups of coffee.

Some coffee machines also use different flavor packets, so you can spruce your cup up! If you’re a caffeine-junky, a coffee machine is definitely worth the investment. There are many coffee machines on the market, offering different features and different prices. Make sure you compare to find the best one for your needs.

Health Grills

Health grills are designed to cook food on both sides while the fat drips off. Because of this, it makes healthy cooking fast and easy. They are especially good for cooking meat, as you can reduce the fat of a steak or some streaky bacon. However, you can also make grilled vegetables, grilled cheese or a host of other great food.

The George Foreman Grill is the most famous. However, plenty of other brands have gotten in on the action. If your kitchen is missing one, it might be time to change that- they offer one of the fastest and healthiest ways to cook!

Measuring Cups/Spoons

Measuring cups, or measuring spoons, are an easy way to measure food when you’re cooking. A lot of online recipes measure ingredients by cup, so having some at the ready makes it easier to follow. Plus, having a simple way to get the same food measurements every time makes it easy to track your nutritional intake.



Slow-cookers, also known as Crock Pots, provide great meals with minimal effort. You can put the food you want in at the beginning of the day and have it ready for dinner time. By slow-cooking food at a lower heat, slow-cookers help to preserve nutrients and provide great healthy meals.

They are commonly used for soups and stews, but there are plenty of creative ways to use a slow-cooker.

Kitchen Scales

Whether you need to measure an ingredient for a recipe or just need to know how much you’re eating, kitchen scales are the way to go. There is a range of different kinds available, you can use a classic mechanical scale or an electronic digital scale. Most kitchen scales provide weights in multiple scales of measurement, making them extra useful.

Food Containers


Food storage containers, commonly referred to as Tupperware, are an essential kitchen supply. They can be used to store food once it’s out of the packaging. You can save meals in them and refrigerate them. If you’re looking to maintain food for a long time, you can even put them in the freezer.

They can also be used for lunchboxes, or used to store general kitchen items in an easy way. The uses for food containers goes on and on, so make sure to get an assortment of different sizes for all your kitchen needs.

Water Filters

The dangers of tap water have been well-documented. Tap water can often contain dangerous chemicals and other substances. One Gymnast even failed a doping test due to drinking tap water.

However, regularly stocking up on bottled water can be expensive. Luckily, there is a good compromise. Investing in a water filter can purify your tap water, pushing out harsh chemicals and making it safer to drink.

Many water filters come in the form of jugs. You can also get tap-attachments that filter water straight from your kitchen tap. You can easily get it installed next time you decide to get some new Kitchen Taps. This will give you piece of mind and make sure you aren’t consuming any harsh chemicals. Many people don’t get these filters that will make their lives easier because they don’t realise that there are a range of benefits to using water filters, so it’s certainly worth getting one for your kitchen.

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