Take Your Lifestyle And Home Cooking Up A Notch With These Amazing Devices

Take Your Lifestyle And Home Cooking Up A Notch With These Amazing Devices

These days, as a society, we’re a lot less accepting of below par food at home. If you can’t cook, you can buy a high standard of convenience food which is available easily at the supermarket, in specialist shops or even through straight to door delivery. If you do cook, there are a world of amazing devices for you to add to your kitchen to give you that ‘professional’ edge, to enjoy in your own time, with your family, or when entertaining. Below are just some of these amazing devices and gadgets, to help you take your lifestyle and home cooking up a notch or two:

A Professional Coffee Machine

A coffee on the highstreet comes in many forms these days: double espresso, with an astonishing array of syrups, extra hot, with coffee art in the foam – the list is endless. If you’re a coffee lover, there’s no doubt you have easily spent a pretty penny on a coffee made by a trained barista, using a professional coffee machine. At home, your teaspoon of instant in hot water topped with milk, is rather sad in comparison, isn’t it?

Save yourself money, and the disappointment of a watery excuse for a coffee in the morning, with a professional machine.

There are many on the market, with decent models starting at around $65 and upwards. The very basic ones take pods (available at the supermarket) and create the drink of your choice. Upwards of that, you can have models with milk foamers built in, and models that can replicate any drink you can get in a professional coffee shop. There’s even a model called ‘Memory’ which uses hand print recognition to remember your coffee preference in the exact way that you like your coffee to be made.

An Edible Foam Maker

Sometimes it’s nice to have a gadget that does something cool, particularly if you enjoy entertaining guests. The Spummy is a cool gadget that makes edible foam in any flavor or flavor combination. Works well to create a new dimension to your dishes, but also just for fun and bragging rights.

A Cold Pressed Juicer

Juicing isn’t something that is new, but it is something that is still incredibly popular. In town while out and about, you can pay over $6 for a fresh juice, especially a cold pressed juice which is more desirable because it is healthier. The way to get the same high standard fresh juice you get when you’re out, in the convenience of your own home, is with your own cold pressed juicer. A cold pressed juicer, otherwise known as a masticating juicer or a slow juicer, is more expensive than a standard juicer. This is because it gently and slowly gets the juice from the veggies or fruit, thus maintaining all of the nutrients that a standard juicer normally destroys with heat and processing power. There are masticating juicers available from around $55 but, you can spend well over $1250 on one if you want to. Either way, you’re going to have a lot of Insta-worthy shots coming up with this gadget in your kitchen!

A Flambe Machine

Another cool gadget ideal for entertaining and showing off is The Fiery. It is essentially a flambe machine similar to a device made in the 1800’s which used mesh to contain fire used in cooking. Perfect for safe and exciting cooking, you just place the transparent device over the dish or pan you have just poured liquor onto, then you press a button and it makes fire, you then remove it when the flames stop.

A Pizza Oven

Pizza ‘in 90 seconds’ type places are popping up all over the place. No longer do we venture out for a deep pan, oh no, tastes have changed and a lot of people love a freshly made rustic pizza straight from a genuine pizza oven. If you’re a pizza connoiseur, you’ll love the fact that it is much easier and cheaper than you think to have your very own pizza oven in your garden. You can buy one ready made from around $600 and up, or you could build your own, as shown on this Youtube video tutorial. Try stopping your friends from coming around when you’ve got your own speedy pizza setup in the garden!

A Dehydrator

A dehydrator is a device that gently removes the water from anything placed inside. What you may not know is how many amazing things you can make with a dehydrator – it’s not all about the dried fruit. You can make pizza bases, wraps, crispy nuts and seeds, tempeh, prunes, craft items, paper, macaroons, yogurt drops, jerky, vegetable bacon – it really is much more versatile than you can imagine. The two main types of hydrator are vertical flow and horizontal flow, with horizontal flow generally being more popular. It certainly pays to do your research if you do plan on getting a dehydrator as they aren’t cheap so you’ll want to get the most for your money.

Home Smokers

Smoked food is something cropping up in a lot of high street restaurants, as it experiences a resurgence in popularity. Some restaurants are entirely dedicated to serving feasts of smoked meat and fish. If you want to recreate those hot-smoked ribs you enjoyed at a restaurant, that you’ve not stopped thinking about, then why not invest in a home smoker? There are two different types, hot and cold smoking and you can buy them for indoor or outdoor use depending on your preference. If you need help choosing, these handy best electric smoker reviews will help you feel inspired.


Hopefully, you’re now feeling geared up to turn your kitchen and outdoor living space into a professional cooking and lifestyle dream, with gadgets and devices galore, giving you every excuse to stay at home enjoying all your new toys! The only question is, what to make first?

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10 Replies to “Take Your Lifestyle And Home Cooking Up A Notch With These Amazing Devices”

  1. I think my husband would love to tinker with the smoker!

  2. I would love any of these, but the cold pressed juicer is something I would love the most. I have always wanted to have a good juicer but they are so expensive. I am hoping they will come down in price. Nothing better than juicing veggies straight from the garden!

  3. gloria patterson says:

    would love to have all of these BUT small apartment and no way to store 🙁

  4. I used to have a Krups combination coffee/espresso machine that I received as a wedding gift. This one in your post has so many more features!

  5. Jana Williams says:

    Thanks So Much for Sharing These Incredible Home Cooking Devices With Us, I Really Appreciate it! I Was Recently in a Bad Motorcycle Accident and I Now Have Bad Chronic Pain So I Don’t Like to Be Up on My Feet for Too Long So I’m Always Looking for Something That Makes Cooking a Lot Easier! I Had to Move Back Home With My Parents Since I Can’t Work So I Can’t Really Buy Anything Too Big but I Would Like to Buy a Cappuccino Maker, I Have Always Wanted One! All of These Devices Above Are Just Amazing and if I Could Afford it I Would Buy Them All! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

  6. I really would love to get a Dehydrator. I had one way back and boy do I miss it!

  7. I love that coffee machine and I’m sure my husband would get lots of use out of a smoker like that. Thanks for the info!

  8. Vikki Billings says:

    I would love to have the dehydrator, I am on a high protein diet and I like to add fruits and veggies to it. I love dehydrated banana’s and apple’s.

  9. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are some great suggestions. I would love one of each of these for my house. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. Cheryl Everitt says:

    We have the dehydrator and use it a lot.

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