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‘Should I Get a Cat or Dog?’: Answering the Ultimate Question

Throughout the history of civilization cats and dogs have been our loyal companions. There are many different benefits to living with each of these lovable pets. So if you’re wondering “should I get a cat or dog” we can help.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider. 

How Busy Is Your Life?

How many hours a week can you dedicate to your pet? Think about your job and other responsibilities. Do you work long hours or are you at home most of the time? 

This should be a very important factor in your choice. A Dog will require more of your time and attention. Walks, grooming, and playtime all have to be tended to every day. 

Whereas a cat is more independent. Cats prefer to be on their own most of the time. But do still enjoy attention from their owners from time to time. 

Consider Your Housing

Do you live in a small apartment in the middle of a city? Or maybe a house out in the countryside? Something in between?

Dogs will generally need more room to be comfortable in their surroundings. They also enjoy bigger yards to run and play in. Particularly bigger dogs. 

A cat or smaller dog can do well in a home with less room or less yard space. Though cats do tend to enjoy having somewhere to climb in their homes. You will also need to consider where you will keep their supplies like food, and litter boxes. 

Do You Rent or Own?

If you are renting your home it’s advisable to find out if your lease allows you to have pets. In many cases, there is generally a pet policy in leases that specify if you can or can’t have any specific animals or breeds. It should also list any fees or pet rent that should be paid before bringing your pet home. 


You wouldn’t want to pick out your new friend and have to give them up because you are allergic. It’s not fair to you or the animal. 

Before looking at any potential companions we recommend finding out about any potential allergies you or anyone living with you may have. Typically a doctor can perform an allergy test if you’re not sure. 

Keep in mind there are also many breeds of hypoallergenic pets, but they can be very expensive. 

So Should I Get a Cat or Dog?

After considering these questions you should have a pretty good idea of which you would prefer. But don’t forget to consider your own preferences. While it can be a bit more difficult there are ways to work around many of these issues. 

If your still having issues deciding consider visiting a friend that already has a pet. Talk to them about their pet. Be sure to get them a gift to thank them for their help like these gifts for german shepherd lovers

If you decide to get a cat here is a list of cool cat names for your new fluffy pet

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