Shadow Has Lost 3 pounds with Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight #ad #PerfectWeight @HillsPet

Shadow Has Lost 3 pounds with Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight #ad #PerfectWeight @HillsPet

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I am so excited to share with you the results of Shadows 10 week challenge so far! If you have stopped by recently, I am sure you have seen my regular posts on Shadows weight loss journey with Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight. He is about halfway through the challenge and he is doing great! So far Shadow has lost about 3 pounds…. which is amazing! He started off at 15.6 pounds and is now at 12.5 pounds! His ideal weight should be 10 to 11 pounds… so he is definitely on track and you can really see the difference! Did you know that 5 extra pounds on a small dog is like 30 extra pounds on a human? That is a lot…. so I am so excited and proud for Shadow!

A Little About The 10 Week Challenge

ScienceHills111The folks at Hill’s Science Diet sent us Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight for cats and the challenge began! They sent food for Shadow along with a chart and tracking calender that I have seen at the veterinarian’s office that describes what an obese cat looks like from above and how much a healthy domestic short hair cat should weigh.

Well after finding out what Shadows ideal weight was…. I realized my cat was obese! I had no idea! Shadow weighed 15.6 pounds and should have been 10 or 11 pounds at the most. So I was ready to take this challenge and help Shadow to get back to his ideal weight and honestly… with the fabulous foods from Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight and all of the educational tools and literature… it was an easy process. My biggest concern was would Shadow like the food…. and well that was not an issue at all! He is picky but he loved this food from the beginning. So the challenge began and with much success! He is half way through the 10 week challenge and he has slimmed down to 12.5 pounds versus his starting weight of 15.6! Go Shadow!


The Results:

Shadow is more active and playful than ever! I have not seen him sprint throughout the house the way he has been lately…. not since he was a year old or so. It is so much fun! Sometimes he will wait for me to go down the stairs and then he will literally sprint and chase after me! It is so cute and I love seeing him active. My daughter is using the laser toy with him too and he is so funny to watch! He really will go at it forever if you would let him! It is a great way to get some exercise in for any cat and Shadow especially loves it. Grab Tips For Playing With Your Cat from Hill’s.

His coat is so super shiny too and I swear his eyes are brighter! He is doing so fabulous with this amazing food line from Hill’s Science Diet that I could never think of feeding him anything else going forward! His transformation over the past 5 and a half weeks has been an amazing thing to behold!  I am so proud of him!

shadow Viakraft Pet Toys 1

I must admit, I was the biggest reason for Shadow’s weight gain. I just fed him anytime he went to his bowl and would look at me with those adorable eyes. It just seemed that he was always hungry! I did not realize I was doing him an injustice by overfeeding him regularly. That is not the case with Hill’s Science Diet’s Perfect Weight for cats. He stays fuller longer and I keep track of his feeding using his feeding chart from Hill’s Science Diet. I feed him his recommended amount of  2/3 cup a day. That is all he needs and he is totally fine with that!

Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight for cats and dogs is amazing and I recommend it to all pet lovers out there! Your pets weight inevitably ties in to their health and overall well being and I want my Shadow around as long as humanly possible and this product works! I love it! You can find it at your vets office or local specialty pet retailer.

Shadow’s 10 week challenge is to get healthy by eating Hill’s® Science Diet® Cat Formula (you can learn more about this food at Pet360.)

ScienceHillPerfectWeight333Important Information:

  • 70% of Cats and Dogs who used Science Diet Perfect Weight lost weight within 10 weeks.
  • Contains a breakthrough blend of natural ingredients.
  • Healthy Weight adds to your pets quality of life and overall life expectancy.
  • Prebiotic fibers for gentle digestion.
  • 100% precisely balanced nutrition.

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Stay Tuned For Another Update On Shadow’s Weight Loss Journey Coming Soon! I Will Share With You Every Step Of The Way!

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