My Savvy Review of the Zoku Holiday Pops Party Kit #tryazon

My Savvy Review of the Zoku Holiday Pops Party Kit #tryazon

Zoku1I received a Zoku Party Kit containing all of the fabulous products they have to create fun, festive and tasty treats anytime of the year! All opinions are 100% my own and I have to say that I loved reviewing and hosting a party with this fun product line.

Zoku has some of the most innovative new products out on the market! Within minutes, you can make creative, delicious, and healthy treats including pops, slushes, and shakes. There are a ton of fun holiday recipes to make with their products.

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Here are the items I received to create these fun and delicious treats! You can also check them out and purchase for yourself by clicking on each of the items below!


Now, my daughter loved everything! She is ready to make pops every day now and loves coming up with ideas for new tasty creations. She loves the chocolate station and adding the fresh fruit to the pops too. We will be trying out some more recipes this weekend and I will be adding new photos of those creations.


We had my family over for a Zoku Holiday Pop Party and everyone was excited to see how this Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker worked and ultimately what we could create with it. It was a fun time for the kids for sure…. they had a blast picking their formulations and creating their own delicious pops. We tried several types and flavor combinations and then used the chocolate station to drizzle chocolate and even add mutli colored sprinkles and chopped nuts. I know that many of my cousins and family members will now be purchasing a Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker for sure! They were as impressed as my family after trying out these cool treats.These pops only take 7 to 8 minutes to freeze so the possibilities are endless. We actually keep the Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker in the freezer so that we can use it daily. I received a few recipe books as well that give fabulous ideas for our next creations.


My absolute favorite is the Slush and Shake Maker. My daughter loved this as well. She loves to put cold Coke into the maker and enjoys a homemade coke slushy anytime she chooses! That is one of her favorite treats in the summer so I know this will get a lot of use as well.  I will make shakes for me and my hubby because to me there is nothing better than a delicious Strawberry shake and that is exactly my go to for this awesome tool. My husband on the other hand loved the peppermint flavored ice cream shake that he made form the recipe book. He loves Mint Chocolate Chip so I knew he would love to try that recipe. It is pictured above. 🙂


Now the Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker is by far the coolest item of the bunch…. the accessories are a must have as well…. including the fabulous recipe books….. the Chocolate Drizzle Station…. The Slush and Shake Maker….. The awesome Storage Case that allows me to make 6 pops and keep them protected and ready for anyone to enjoy at anytime…… and even all of the tools to help with the flavor layering and adding the delicious pieces of fruit cut into amazing and delicious looking shapes. It simply put…. makes it fun to work with my daughter in the kitchen. It was never easy to get her to work with me in the kitchen…. but with this she is there by my side taking over…. and that is just fine by me. 🙂

This is a fun item to have for family gatherings and even to just interact in the kitchen with the kids. It was a lot of fun and I recommend this product for everyone and anyone….to create delicious, healthy and cool looking treats for your family and friends anytime of the year! This is going to be amazing in the summer months and I cannot wait! I will be posting reviews throughout the year as I continue to experiment and create new delicious treats and creations with all of the fabulous products I received for this review from Zoku! They were so extremely generous and I LOVE it all! I am a foodie after all! 🙂

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