My Savvy Review Of Realtree Buckshot Blend Single-Cup Coffee for Keurig (40 Count) @RealtreeCoffee #SMGuruNetworks

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My Savvy Review Of Realtree Buckshot Blend Single-Cup Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers 40 Count #SMGurusNetwork

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Two Rivers has done it again with their new and delicious line of Realtree Coffee KCups! I was super excited to try the Realtree Buckshot Blend Single-Cup Coffee as I love a delicious Light Roast Coffee and so does my husband. He is either a Decaf coffee drinker and occasionally a light roast lover as well so this was the perfect addition to our coffee lineup.

As always… Two Rivers and Realtree Coffees are handcrafted in the good old USA! These single serve cups are compatible with all Keurig machines including the new 2.0 brewers. Realtree provides extra fresh grounds that are filter brewed with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans. The beans are perfectly roasted and perfectly ground to provide you with a perfect cup each and every time. With the new Realtree line from Two Rivers Coffee you are receiving rich tasting coffee, inspired by the gear we love most. This is a 40 count box… so lots of delicious cups here.

With Realtree Coffee you can brew a cup and get out there!

Check Out Realtree Coffee Today!


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19 Replies to “My Savvy Review Of Realtree Buckshot Blend Single-Cup Coffee for Keurig (40 Count) @RealtreeCoffee #SMGuruNetworks”

  1. Bethany Suire says:

    Wow! I had absolutely no idea that RealTeee Brand make coffee! How cool is that’!! And it’s so great that they work in all Kuerig Coffee machines! I might have to try these

  2. I have not heard of buckshot blend! I think it would be very popular in my hunting family! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this idea! They have such a great selection of blends and flavors. I hadn’t heard of this brand before now, but I’m excited to try it. I’ll add it to my next Amazon order!

  4. Debbie Welchert says:

    This sounds like the kind of cup of coffee I would love having at night, a coffee that wouldn’t keep me up all night.

  5. Karen Jaras says:

    I have tried this before and it is a perfect morning blend for those who need a lighter start on their day.

  6. Christina Gould says:

    I have never heard of this brand. I’d love to check it out. Thanks for posting!

  7. Alexandra Dekany says:

    I adore the packaging as well.

  8. I like sampling different coffee blends. This one sounds good.

  9. I love coffee but always have to water it down, do not own a coffee machine for these pods.

  10. Margaret Appel says:

    Realtree makes quite a few different kinds of coffee k-cups, and this Buckshot Blend light roast coffee sounds like a great way to start the day. It’s great they work with the Keurig machines and you can make a single cup without wasting half a pot.

  11. molli taylor says:

    ive never heard of this ocffee before but it sounds like something worth giving a try

  12. Definitely wanna try this!

  13. Your reviews were the ones that turned me on to these particular brands of coffee. TY for doing that! There are new brands coming out all the time & I don’t have the time or money to try them all. Coffee with my hubby is our time to sit back, relax & talk about the tzouble we can get into that day! It would be great to have a perfect cup of coffee each & every time! TY

    1. mcushing7 says:

      Sue you made my day and Thank you! I love that you stop by and visit….. you are the best 🙂

  14. This one be more my cup of “tea”, so to speak. My guys prefer a darker roast.

  15. Robin Creager says:

    My love for coffee will never end and the Realtree coffees sound like just the brew to get me going in the mornings. Thanks for the review!

  16. Rachael DeBates says:

    im gonna have to try this one!

  17. Kathy bergman says:

    Sometimes I like a light roast, but usually my dad is the light roast coffee drinker

  18. I like sampling different coffee blends. I would love to try these.

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