My Savvy Review of the Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower Head from Aroma Sense!

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My Savvy Review of the Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower Head from Aroma Sense!

aromasensecollageI received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless… I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my Savvy Readers! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

I personally love using this shower head and will never use another…as it is fabulous! This is a must have shower head for anyone looking to create a spa like experience in their own shower. This shower head is designed to fit any standard shower arm and can replace any mounted shower head fixture that you currently own. The Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower Head has over 300 spray plate holes and is created to entice you with refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy in your own shower! The Vitamin C filtration technology effectively neutralizes chlorine to support healthy skin and hair, while its microfiber filtration removes additional contaminants brought through our homes piping system. This fabulous shower head also produces up to four times of negative ions – scientifically proven to aid in breathing, increase blood flow, and reduce stress. The AS-Opus vitamin c shower head has a laser cut spray-plate that boosts weak water pressure to give you a therapeutic shower while using 25% less water than your typical shower head. This is the perfect escape via the power of aromatherapy & vitamin C….. which helps to rejuvenate your mind and body!

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I have to mention how easy the installation process was….check out this easy to follow “how to” video!


Replacing the Vitamin C Cartridge is a snap…… PLUS Aroma Sense carries different types of replacement cartridges such as Vitamin C Lemon, Vitamin C Citrus Mango, Vitamin C Eucalyptus, Vitamin C Lavender, Vitamin C Jasmine, & Vitamin C Neutral. You can also use the shower head without the cartridges if you choose to. Installation of the Vitamin C cartridge is super easy and you can also control the strength of the cartridge as well. Check out the videos below to see how easy it is to do each of these steps.


I would definitely recommend this fabulous shower head to anyone in the market to replace their existing shower heads. Aroma Sense carries handheld shower heads as well as the wall mounted variety. I have ordered a shower arm to attach my new Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower Head to… and that will allow me to move it around a bit. I loved the look of this wall mounted variety as well as all of the features… so the choice is up to you 🙂
This is a fabulous gift idea as well for a Housewarming gift, Birthday gift, a gift for the Holidays… anything! It can be a “Just Because” gift too…. check out the entire collection of shower heads from Aroma Sense today. You will not be disappointed.


opus111As Always, Thanks for Visiting Deliciously Savvy Today and Leave a Comment or Two While You Are Here!

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  1. I would love to have this shower head. This is great. Would love to have shower that smells good.

  2. II love how healthy this shower head is! The vitamin C just sound relaxing and good for my skin. I love that this shower head also uses 25%LESS water! Great money saver too!

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