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My Savvy Review of the MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash #MIUPET

My Savvy Review of the MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash #MIUPET

miupet2I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. This post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission to support this blog if the product is ordered via the links in this post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

The MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash is an amazing leash for sure and I love all of the features as well as the amazing quality that this leash provides. Not only do you receive a fabulous leash that is perfect for walking your pets…. but your receive a wrist strap which is a must for Harley…. our newest furry family member. She can get frisky while walking her and we are always worried she will pull the leash right out of our hands while we are walking her. With the added wrist strap… that is no longer a concern. Add in the cushion protection bungee and the extra dog waste poop bags dispenser (with a roll of bags included)…. and you have the complete “must have” walking set for your furry family member. It also comes with a cool bag to keep everything stored away and protected as well. It is a bargain after you see all of the amazing items that are included on top of the fabulous leash!

The MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash is extremely well made with high quality materials and extends up to 16 feet and will support a dog up to 66 pounds. This leash has a thicker and stronger ribbon rope that is well stitched in neon yellow with reflector material to make it safer when walking your dog in the evening and at night. They have also designed the handle so that it is ergonomic and super comfortable while holding and walking your dog. You get 2 colors to choose from…. classic black and light blue. The cover plate of the unit is uniquely designed with a 3M reflective strip on both sides to ensure more protection when walking your dog in the evening and at night. MIU PET also provides you with an innovative patented lock mode which is super easy to use and works smoothly. Simply press the brake button and the leash will stop extending and better yet…. you can push the lock forward to completely lock the brake on the leash so that you can walk you dog at the perfect moving range and fix the length of the leash to your liking. The many extra accessories are a “Plus” for sure and you can reorder the poop waste bags from MIU PET as well when you need them. The waste dispenser does come with a roll inside already but when you need more…. they are a click away. 🙂 You can also us the dispenser as a treat dispenser if you prefer. You definitely get your monies worth… as the leash is worth the cost but with all of the added extras… it is a steal! Check it out for your self today!


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  • Dotty J Boucher

    This looks like a nice dog leash, And one of the things I like about this dog leash is that the retractable leash is well built and sturdy.


    Nice review. Like the fact you added that it doesn’t have to be for bags but also treats!!! So it is versatile and something I will look at when I am in the need of a new leash!

  • Cheryl Aisoff

    I would love this as a replacement for our Flexi, also an all tape lead but over 4 years the tape is a bit worn, on the bottom where Sophie tends to mouth and tug when I run, and closer to where it is locked to be a short leash. As my Service girl she’s with me every minute of the day. Perks, all tape, loop for my hand, and I can use the container to have treats handy!