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My Savvy Review of the DAFNI Ceramic Brush ~ The One and Only Original Ceramic Brush That Works! @DAFNI_hair #SMGurusNetwork

My Savvy Review of the DAFNI Ceramic Brush ~ The One and Only Original Ceramic Brush That Works! @DAFNI_hair #SMGurusNetwork

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I am in love with this Ceramic Straightening Brush from DAFNI! Why you ask? Because for me this is the “first” ceramic straightening brush that actually worked and the best on the market as far as I am concerned. This is the original….. all others are simply copycats. If you have tried other brands of ceramic straightening brushes then you were probably like me and ended up seriously disappointed as it did not meet your expectations at all. Well… that all changes with the DAFNI. This tool works like a charm. Simply follow the instructions and make sure that you use it on dry, freshly brushed hair. Simply brush through large sections or as you need or desire, from the roots to tips…and within minutes you will have an amazingly blown out look in the convenience of your home. The high quality and amazing features make the DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush a huge time saving tool for your daily hair care routine. It is simplicity at it’s finest.

You have to take a look at this You Tube video to get an idea of how amazing this hair care tool is!

So as I noted above, the DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush is “The Original” ceramic hair straightening brush with patented 3D technology. The biggest plus for me is that this brush works up to 8X faster than traditional flat irons, helping you to achieve the look of a salon quality blow out in only 3 to 5 minutes. The more comfortable you get using this unit… the faster you get at creating your look. It is simply fabulous for great touch ups too as it heats up so quickly. Not only is it 10X more powerful than flat irons and other hair straightening tools but it heats up in under 1 minute! How awesome is that?

The biggest plus for me is that the DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush actually maintains a constant 365 degrees for optimal results from root to tip, which is safer and less damaging to your hair. Your hair does not feel hot and overheated after using the DAFNI as compared to the high end flat irons that I own. I love this because I know that it is not damaging my hair due to excessive heat. Your hair is actually shinier and healthier looking after using this fabulous device.

I highly recommend this product. I have always invested in good salon quality hair care tools and products because you truly do get what you pay for. I have used cheaper options in the past and the difference between a high quality, well made product versus the inexpensive knock offs that you can find out there in the marketplace is tremendous. The DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush is a must have hair beauty tool for any busy mom or busy lady. This will seriously save you time and keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

Check Out DAFNI Today & See Why You Need This Fabulous Device To Have Beautifully Styled Hair Each and Every Day!


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  • Terri S

    I want this brush!!! It sounds fantastic! I love that it is so much faster than flat irons. Thank you for sharing.

  • Darcy Koch

    I never have any luck with the brushes I buy. Either the bristles are too hard or too soft. Then they are either too hard on my scalp or too soft. I would love to try one of these.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This brush sounds so nice for straightening hair. I would love to try this myself. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Jessica Rouse

    I have had so many people tell me about these! But I was never sure if they actually worked. Are they meant for people with really curly hair. Or mostly just wavy!?

    • mcushing7

      I have seen some videos with some pretty curly hair use this as well with good results. You have to get used to it and then it is a breeze!

  • Sue E

    I wish I had this brush when my four daughters were growing up! I could have saved on detangler spray!
    Now I have 15 grandkids. 11 of them are girls – I will inform their mothers of this awesome brush!