My Savvy Review of Collagen Complete #collagencomplete

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My Savvy Review of Collagen Complete #collagencomplete

CollagenI received this product in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and of course for sharing with my fabulous readers!

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I love this product! I was unsure of how I would really like it due to it being a powder form supplement, but it is fabulous! I mix it as directed with water and then I add a delicious fruit juice to mask any taste. It is delicious. My only recommendation is do not let it sit…. once you make this drink… take it down and it is easy and tasty. It can clump up if you let it sit. I mix it up in my small blender so I have not had an issue with clumping at all…. but I know that it can be an issue.

This product has really improved the overall texture and feel of my skin. I have noticed since I turned 40 that my skin is extremely dry and really just not the same as my youthful years…. LOL! Seriously though…. this helps to replace those much needed nutrients (mostly collagen) so that your skin is more elastic and youthful.

This product has also been helpful with my joints and has basically eliminated the stiffness that I feel with my knees. That is huge for me and probably my favorite feature of this amazing product!

It has helped me with my skin overall…. my entire body, not just my face….. and of course with my stiff joints! Each dose of this product contains 10,000 mg high-quality Hydrolyzed Collagen 2,700 mg Chondroitin and Glucosamine, 25 mg Hyaluronic acid, 70 trace minerals, Proteolytic enzymes.  I love it and will definitely be ordering more as soon as I need it! I do not think I can go without this product now that I see how much better my body feels overall since using it! Great product!

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Weak collagen is usually the first signs you notice that you’re getting older.  Your skin appears less elastic.  Then wrinkles appear…..  Your joints get achy.  These are all signs your body’s collagen is wearing down.  

That’s why a high-quality collagen supplement is one of the most important supplements you can have in your anti-aging arsenal.

The anti-aging industry knows this.  The problem is that store shelves are filled with collagen gimmicks.  Those collagen skin creams don’t work–as studies have proven.  Generic collagen supplements usually provide doses too low to actually do anything.  Most of these supplements don’t even have the right type of collagen.

Collagen Complete contains only high-quality ingredients. High-quality hydrolyzed collagen is expensive. This is not a cheap product. It contains the dosage used in scientific trials (10,000MG) where results were proven to occur in HUMAN studies.

As we age, collagen not only degrades from exposure to the sun and other toxins, but also through malnutrition because the standard American diet is lacking in collagen and collagen-boosting enzymes.  Collagen Complete provides all the missing nutrients your body needs to maintain and even re-build healthy collagen in your skin, nails and joints.

Recommended Dose Contains:  10,000 mg high quality Hydrolyzed Collagen (from poultry source), 2,700 mg Chondroitin and Glucosamine, 25 mg Hyaluronic acid, 70 trace minerals, proteolytic and digestive enzymes. All ingredients work together for the formation of collagen and elastin in your skin and joints.

A collagen supplement can be the building block of healthy skin, joints, hair and nails. In your skin, collagen forms the elastic netting that supports youthful, vibrant-looking skin. In your joints, it provides the lubricating cushion between your bones, allowing you to move with freedom from pain. As we age, our body’s collagen deteriorates from use and exposure to free radicals. Since the modern diet is lacking in sufficient collagen, you probably aren’t providing your body with enough collagen to replace what has deteriorated. Maybe you’ve noticed the signs of deteriorated collagen such as loss of skin elasticity, development of lines and wrinkles, painful joints, etc. The good news is studies have shown that collagen supplementation can slow deterioration and actually rebuild collagen. Collagen Complete was created with this purpose in mind. It provides the highest-quality collagen with other powerful collagen-building ingredients.

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  1. Your review has educated me. I was not aware of Collagen supplements. As a mature woman I take Glucosamine/Chrondoitin (?sp) daily to support joints. Thanks for the review on Collagen Complete, and I am going to do a little more research.

  2. krista williams says:

    I would really love to try this product.I have read the reviews and this seems like something I need to try as I am getting older.Thanks for the information.

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