My Savvy Review of the Chef Express Deluxe Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set #chefexpressproducts

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My Savvy Review of the Chef Express Deluxe Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set #chefexpressproducts

S&P1I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers! This post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission to support this blog if the product is ordered via the links in this post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

I love using the best tools in my kitchen and that is why I was so thrilled to order the Chef Expresses Deluxe Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. This is not only an amazingly gorgeous set of salt and pepper grinders… but they work amazingly well as well. I love the large size with these too… because I use daily and I love that these hold a lot of the peppercorns and salt so that you can use it for quite some time without having to refill them all of the time. They grind the peppercorns to perfection… and there is nothing better than freshly ground black pepper. Once I started years ago using a fresh pepper grinder… I could never go back to the already ground pepper that you can buy at your grocers. It just does not taste the same and freshly ground packs a lot of flavor!

These are fabulous for so many reasons! They are fashionable for your counter top… and are made of stainless steel (for the outer shell). The are amazingly easy to fill which for me is HUGE and the grinding mechanism if adjustable for a fine to course grind. Adjusting these grinders is super easy too and you receive a bonus cleaning cloth to keep them nice and shiny. You get 100% satisfaction which is guaranteed through Chef Express. These are a fabulous gift idea as well and I highly recommend! Check them out for yourself today 🙂

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4 Replies to “My Savvy Review of the Chef Express Deluxe Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set #chefexpressproducts”

  1. Nancy Burgess says:

    I really like these they are so nice.

  2. Amber Ludwig says:

    Mmmm!! Love freshly ground salt and pepper!! Love the style of these shakers!! So sleek and modern!!

  3. Chef Express products are really useful. These salt & pepper shakers are really attractive! I remember years ago, going to a Chef Express party – where I bought a couple of kitchen products.

  4. Cheryl Everitt says:

    I love stainless steel. I would like to have this salt and pepper grinder in my kitchen.

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