A Summer Recipe Made Delicious With Heluva Good! Cheese ~ #HeluvaGoodSummer

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A Summer Recipe Made Delicious With Heluva Good! Cheese Available At Walmart ~ #HeluvaGoodSummer

This post was sponsored by Heluva Good! Cheese as part of an Influence Central campaign and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When you think of Summer…. you think of friends, family and BBQ’s. There truly is nothing better than getting together and everyone bringing a delicious recipe to share so that everyone gets to try family favorites as well as new delicious dishes. You leave satisfied and curious for sure and there truly is nothing better. This year I decided to make one of my favorite appetizers….Charleston Cheese Dip. I knew that this would be the perfect addition for snacking at our family cookout and I knew everyone would love it as….. “who does not love cheese?” Seriously! My favorite cheese…. Heluva Good! Block Cheese available at Walmart is the perfect addition to my delicious Charleston Cheese Dip recipe as it melts together perfectly. The results were divine and everyone was asking me how to recreate this for themselves. Check out this delicious picture of my Charleston Cheese Dip plus you can snag the recipe below for yourself.

This is amazingly delicious and as you can see Allen could not stop “digging in”. You can serve this delicious dip with any type of cracker, chips, bagel chips and even delicious bread from a local bakery. I purchased a French Baguette and it was so fresh I did not even toast it as it was delicious “as is” with the dip. Heluva Good! Cheese is the perfect melty cheese for this dip. The flavors that they provide are mouthwatering and simply delicious. The texture you get from Heluva Good! Cheese is amazingly creamy as it is made with milk and the perfect cheese for any recipe or occasion. They offer an amazing assortment of cheeses available at Walmart including:

Colby Jack
Pepper Jack
Extra Sharp Cheddar
Sharp Cheddar
White Extra Sharp Cheddar
White Sharp Cheddar
White Mild Cheddar
Monterey Jack
Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar
Mild Cheddar
& More!


Here I am checking out the Heluva Good! Cheese selection at my local Walmart….. Heluva Good! is my go to cheese brand as they provide delicious creamy results each and every time plus the prices at Walmart are unbeatable!

Right now you can save even more on Heluva Good! Cheese via Ibotta! Make sure you take advantage now as quantities available are limited.  There is no expiration date for this offer, but it is only available until all of the rebates have been used so visit Ibotta today and start saving on your next deliciously cheesey masterpiece made best using Heluva Good! Cheese available at Walmart!



And Now For The Recipe! Check Out My Charleston Cheese Dip made with Heluva Good!

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Charleston Cheese Dip
A Delicious and Cheesey Dip Perfect For Any Occasion.... Hanging With Friends & Family and Even Just Hanging Out At Home! This is Cheese Snacking At It's Best!
Course Appetizers
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 20
Course Appetizers
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 20
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a small saute pan add 1/2 teaspoon olive oil and 1/2 cup of finely diced white onions. Cook over medium heat until onion are softened a bit and translucent.
  3. In a large bowl mix the Mayonnaise, 8 ounce block of softened cream cheese, 1 cup of grated Heluva Good! Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 1/2 cup of grated Heluva Good! Colby Jack Cheese, the cooked finely diced onions, chopped Parsley (reserve a bit for garnish with tomatoes), and a dash (or two or three) of Cayenne Pepper. Add Cayenne Pepper to suite your tastes .... I like it a bit spicy.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a shallow baking dish, such as a 9-inch pie pan. Top the mixture with the Ritz cracker crumbs and bake at 350 degrees until heated through, about 15 minutes.
  5. Top with Bacon Crumbles and pop back in to the oven for 5 minutes or so.
  6. Top dip with chopped tomatoes and a little of the parsley reserved for garnish. Then serve on a cutting board with chips, crackers, and fresh bread or toasted bread. The sky is the limit.... add some veggies for sipping too! Simply divine and deliciously good. Enjoy!
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44 Replies to “A Summer Recipe Made Delicious With Heluva Good! Cheese ~ #HeluvaGoodSummer”

  1. This dip looks and sounds amazingly delicious! I can’t wait to go buy the cheese and make some tomorrow. Yummy!

  2. Oh wow, this sounds delicious!! I am a little bit obsessed with cheese, so of course I will definitely be making this recipe asap! Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says: Reply

    This sounds so good. Great for a party gathering. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  4. My husband is a cheese fanatic. They do make yummy cheese. Your recipe looks great.

  5. Linda Manns Linneman says: Reply

    This is such good cheese. We use it often. Thank you so much for the recipe. God Bless

  6. Linda Manns Linneman says: Reply

    I really like this cheese. Thank you so much for this great recipe. God Bless

  7. These sound delicious! Look forward to trying them!

  8. Nicole Bradley says: Reply

    Sounds awesome to me, pregnant& having a house full of boys- ya gotta have good snackage!

  9. This dip looks very delicious and this would be so perfect for parties.

  10. Pinning this for the next party we need a dip for. Yummy and it will be eaten up quickly.

  11. This looks delicious. I like dips like this one. We will have to try it out.

  12. Sally Gearhart says: Reply

    This dip is right up my alley and it’s perfect now that football is FINALLY here! My oldest daughter will not eat anything with mayo so i would switch that for maybe yogurt or a little rotel for an extra kick.

  13. This sounds delicious!

  14. Christina Graham says: Reply

    looks so delicious! I adore cheese. I am mostly Paleo except I have never been able to give up cheese. Sharp Cheddar is my favorite.

  15. Rebecca Foughty says: Reply

    Oh! Luv me some cheese! Looks so good.

  16. This is perfect for football season! It would also taste great on a baked potato!

  17. gloria patterson says: Reply

    I have made something like this before BUT I am going to make this. Have not saw the heluva good block cheese in my stores will have to check it out

  18. This looks like a great recipe! I will try soon!

  19. Danielle Williams says: Reply

    I didnt know that heluva good made anything other than dip! this is awesome wish they would sell it in az!

  20. This dip looks amazing, now I want some!

  21. Such a tasty looking recipe.

  22. gloria patterson says: Reply

    I think this looks so good. Have my shopping list to pick up items today. Only thing I have never saw the heluva cheese have bought a lot of their dip

  23. Darlene Carbajal says: Reply

    Great recipe! It’s always nice to snack on a slice of cheese!

  24. gloria patterson says: Reply

    I think this looks so good. Only thing I have never saw the heluva cheese have bought a lot of their dip

  25. This recipe sounds and looks delicious. Thanks for sharing it!

  26. It sounds delicious. I love cheese.

  27. I am so trying this weekend.

  28. I may take this to the next pot luck we’re invited to. I’m sure it will disappear quickly!

  29. It look good with out the spices my gf would double it

  30. This looks like something’severy one Will.enjoy I need to write this down especially dips for the holidays thank you so much Mary Harding

  31. I think this dip looks so good! I love the sliced bacon and cherry tomatoes. Makes my mouth water!

  32. OMG this looks delicious!

  33. Bacon and cheese, how can you go wrong. This looks delicious!

  34. Other than crab dip..for some reason ..we don’t eat them much.
    But, I must say this one looks darn good.

  35. This looks amazing! Perfect for the game nights my daughter and I host!

  36. This looks delicious!!

  37. Rachel Browning says: Reply

    That looks very tasty I will give it a try

  38. gloria patterson says: Reply

    so simple so easy and looks so good

  39. We have a get together coming up and I think I will try making this for it. I love grilled cheese made with Heluva good pepperjack, delicious.

  40. This is a Fantastic dip! Yummy! My mouth waters just looking at it. I can’t wait to make this one. Thank You for sharing your awesome Dip Recipe..

  41. I’d love to try the Pepper Jack Cheese! I’ll have to look for it at Walmart when I go next. I’m going to save this recipe. It sounds & looks good as well as easy to prepare. Thanks!

  42. I first tried Haluva with a friend. It is one of the best brands there is.

  43. I am always looking for recipes of appetizers to bring to my Moms Club meet-ins. This looks perfect. I love that you put bacon in it, because bacon makes everyone happy. Also, Heluva Good is delicious, yummy cheese! 🙂

  44. Sandy Klocinski says: Reply

    This dip looks awesome! I am a cheese fanatic. Thanks for sharing

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