My Visit to Bruegger’s Bagels PLUS a Delicious Recipe! #BrueggersBagels

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My Visit to Bruegger’s Bagels PLUS a Delicious Recipe! #BrueggersBagels


I visited Bruegger’s Bagels this weekend and was in love from the moment I entered the shop. It was super clean and organized and the staff was amazing and super friendly. I loved the visit for sure and the bagels… DELICIOUS! My husband is a New Yorker through and through and he loved them as well. He gave them a 10 out of 10 stars and that is saying something! If you are looking for fun and creative summer dishes to make with the kids or to impress your party guests…. look no further than your local Bruegger’s Bagels! I created a delicious Bagel Sandwich that I think everyone could love so make sure you check it out at the bottom of this post.

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A little about Bruegger’s Bagels….Everyone knows that New York City is the home of the best-tasting, most authentic bagels anywhere. So when the idea for Bruegger’s was born in in 1983, the first thing they did was head for the Big Apple.

They learned the time-honored, traditional methods that had made New York famous for bagels. Like kettle boiling the bagels, then baking in a real stone hearth oven. They spent two and a half years working with a professional bagel baker to perfect their recipe and process. Then they set off on their mission to introduce the authentic taste of New York-style bagels to the rest of America.

But their neighboring state played an important role, too. Real Vermont cream cheese provides the smooth, delicious foundation for a dozen unique blends you’ll find only in their bakeries. From Onion & Chive to Jalapeño to Bacon Scallion, there’s a spread to complement every bagel — and every craving.

Now in their 35th year, Bruegger’s operates more than 280 bakeries in 26 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. The menu has grown to include sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, garden-fresh salads, hearty soups, desserts and custom-roasted coffee — but the essence of Bruegger’s hasn’t changed. They’re still committed to serving genuine New York-style bagels and real Vermont cream cheese. Because that’s not just what they do; it’s where they come from.

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They Have some New & Returning Menu Items You MUST Check Out When You Visit!

· Mediterranean Sunrise – a hearty sandwich with fresh-cracked egg, Genoa salami, red peppers, cucumbers and feta cheese on the new limited-time-only toasted Spinach-Parmesan bagel

· Greek Goddess – roasted turkey, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, spicy arugula piled high on butter-toasted potato bread and topped with champagne vinaigrette

· Organic 20-hour cold brew coffee – small batches of artisan-roasted, triple-origin Aztec Organic coffee beans are steeped for 20 hours, creating a smooth, sweet, spicy beverage with hints of citrus and a caramel finish

· Whipped Blueberry Greek Cream Cheese & Greek Yogurt – adding yogurt to cream cheese makes for a lighter, easier-to-spread texture with four times the protein and 50 percent less fat.

· Coconut Iced Coffee – a breath of fresh sea air that is reminiscent of the fruity, refreshing drinks of the Caribbean. It can also be served hot.

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And Now My Recipe Created Special For Bruegger’s Bagels!

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The Bruegger's Philly
A Delicious Brueggers Bagel loaded with fresh sliced steak, provolone, onions, lettuce and a bit of Mayo. Make it special and make it your own too!
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 20
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 20
  1. Preheat oven to 325° F.
  2. Melt butter in a medium non-stick skillet.
  3. Add onions. Season with salt and pepper. Sautee on medium high heat until soft and caramelized.
  4. Remove onions from pan and set aside. Cover to keep warm.
  5. Season steak with salt and pepper.
  6. Place the same pan you used to cook the onions back on the stove over medium-high heat.
  7. Add the steaks to the pan, cooking 1-2 slices at a time. Repeat until you have cooked all the steaks.
  8. Roughly chop or shred the steaks. Cover and set aside.
  9. Slice the bagels in half and toast in oven for 3-5 minutes.
  10. Layer cheese, steak, and onions on the bagel, as desired.
  11. Put bagel back in oven until cheese is melted.
  12. Spread mayonnaise to taste on the toasted top of the bagel.
  13. Add lettuce to the bottom half of the sandwich. Add top half of bagel to finish assembly.
Recipe Notes

That is it! Simply delicious! Use whatever cheese you prefer and add the toppings you want as well. You can add peppers and mushrooms and skip the mayo. Whatever you like! Enjoy 🙂

This recipe was created by Deliciously Savvy for Bruegger's Bagels and is proudly displayed on their website HERE.

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logo-brueggers-bagels-bakery***My husband chose his to have a slice of American Cheese in the center and no lettuce and mayo. He likes it just like that… so that is why the recipe is 2 Ways. You can tweak and add any other cheese that you love as well as different toppings. The options are endless!***

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  1. Shantiqua allen says: Reply

    Thus looks really good

  2. It is so true that New York has the best bagels! I grew up in Northern New Jersey and our bagels are the New York style bagels and are just amazing! I love that Bruegger’s Bagels has New York style bagels!

  3. Sounds wonderful……cant wait to try them at home

  4. The Coconut Iced Coffee sounds dreamy! Take me away!

  5. That looks delicious!

  6. Oh wow, this place sounds absolutely delicious! I love hot bagel sandwiches, they are SO good and filling. 🙂 I wish we had this place where I live!

  7. Kristen Schwarz says: Reply

    I sure do love bagels. and I definitely need some of these in my life. They look delicious and you can do so many different things with them. I love using bagels to make sandwiches. It’s the perfect bun.

  8. My family loves bagels, we don’t have bagels like that where we live. I’m going to try to make Bruegger’s Philly without the Bruegger’s bagel which will be a sad comparison, but Bruegger’s Philly looks so delicious I need to try. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cheryl Everitt says: Reply

    Bagels are becoming a staple in my house. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  10. I love bagels with cream cheese!

  11. Every time I go home, I always get bagels to bring back with me. There’s nothing like a NYC bagel. I’ll have to find a Bruegger’s Bagel shop near me!

  12. Michelle Ferrari-Johnson says: Reply

    I love how many different recipes you share! So easy to follow and makes planning dinner easy peasy

  13. Yumm yummm yummm 🙂

  14. Ohhh man! My 2 favorites, Philly steak and Bagels. I need to try out this recipe for sure. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Linda Manns Linneman says: Reply

    These sound so good. I love bagels. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing

  16. nyer in portland oregon now. good bagels are hard to find but make awesome sandwiches… so homesick now!

  17. I never really tried anything other than cream cheese or butter on a bagel. I may have to try to recreate this.

  18. I do not have a Brueggers Bagels in Northern California.

  19. i wish we had one i wouldeat thiis for sure

  20. as a ny native i am sort of a bagel snob,but these do look good!!!

  21. I have always loved a good bagel, it is hard to find any here in the small town I live in!

  22. I love bagels but it never occurred to me to make a sandwich like this with them! Definitely want to try it!

  23. Oh my!!! I didn’t know I could make a meal from a bagel. I used to live in Ohio whete Brueggers was at every corner. We moved to a tiny town in Ky and there isn’t a bagel shop anywhere. I can find them at the store but it’s just not the same to me

  24. I really do love a good bagel sandwich. This one looks amazingly cheesy! Yum!

  25. I love bagels and NY does have the best.These look delicious.

  26. The burger sounds totally delicious!

  27. We have bagels a lot at our house.I’d love to try these they look delicious.

  28. I’m so hungry right now so of course I’m looking at your steak bagel recipe! ::drool::

  29. Love a great bagel!

  30. Bruegger’s Bagels are delicious and the have a nice variety of sandwiches!

  31. I never seen a burger/sandwich made from a bagel but i must try it now! That looks soo dang good, i love bagels & steak but together has to be amazing. Definitely going to try this out, thanks for sharing.

  32. Wow, This Post Just Made Me Hungry! I Love Bagels but We Don’t Have Many Good Restaurants Around Here Where You Can Get Them So I just Buy Some at the Grocery Store but I Have Only Had Mine with Plain Old Cream Cheese! I Would Love to Try the Greek Style Bagel b/c I Love Greek Food! Well Thanks So Much for Sharing & for Making Me Really Hungry! Lol! Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

  33. Sure hope to take a trip there. Thanks for the recipe.

  34. Thanks So Much for Sharing This Awesome Recipe, I Know I Would Love it b/c I Love Philly Cheese Steak So This Sounds Yummy to Me! I Love Bagels Though but I Have Never Tried Brueggers Bagels Before! My Favorite I Think Would Have to Be the Greek Goddess b/c I Love Greek Food! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

  35. This looks so good!!! Thank you for sharing!

  36. I live in a small town and I have never heard of Brueggers Bagels. Would love to find on one day!

  37. Jerry Marquardt says: Reply

    I am most interested in trying out this Bruegger’s Bagels recipe! I enjoyed reading about your special visit to Bruegger’s Bagels and enclosing the delicious recipe.

  38. Margaret Appel says: Reply

    I love bagels & these all look so very very good! The Bruegger’s Philly looks delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe, I need to go pin it!

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