“Purrrfect” Toys for Amazing Interaction With Your Cat from Vitakraft Purrk Playfuls #FelineSilverline

“Purrrfect” Toys for Amazing Interaction With Your Cat from Vitakraft Purrk Playfuls #FelineSilverline

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PURRK LOGO-02As You All Know…… I am an animal lover first & foremost and am slightly obsessed with my favorite cat on the Planet….. Shadow! When I had the chance to try out Vitakrafts Purrk Playfuls with #FelineSilverline I had to say yes!

Here is a little about Feline Silverline from Vitakraft:

Silvervine is 100 percent all-natural as it comes directly from the silver vine plant grown in the mountainous regions of Asia. Feline Silvervine is proven better than catnip; it yields a stronger response and increased playtime. In a recent study by the University of Illinois, results show 3 out of 4 cats prefer Silvervine over catnip and engaged with it 2.5 times longer than they did catnip.


Now, My cat Shadow had a BLAST with the toys I received from Vitakraft! I honestly have not seen my cat play like that in a LONG time! Can I tell you that he was actually panting and after he was done playing and a little worn out, it seemed that he was “loving” and “making out” with the toys! It was so cute and so amazing to see him really take to these products! It seemed he did not want to separate from his new “best toys”. Here he Is below playing with the Busy Bee Toy from Vitakraft:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHe is in love with the Busy Bee Toy from Vitakraft for sure! There is something magical about that Feline Silverline too! He cannot get enough of the toys! He can sit in these cat play tunnels and play with them all day! The Feline Silverline is so much better for my cats interaction with the toys versus catnip for sure! Feline Silvervine is all-natural and safe for cats who enjoy catnip and Purrk! Playfuls is the first full toy line to bring Silvervine to the U.S.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere he is “loving” his furry little mouse sprinkled with Feline Silverline!

He got a Vitakraft Busy Bee Toy, a Vitakraft Perky Bird & a Vitakraft 5 pack of Silverline refills with a little furry mouse pictured below……and well….. like I said earlier, they are Shadow’s new “best Toys”. 🙂

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I am so very happy to have posted for this fabulous line of products for all cats and cat lovers! I had just as much fun watching my cat play as he did playing with these fun toys! It was fun for us all! Great interaction for the family and their awesome feline pets! A Big Thank You to Vitakraft for creating these fabulous products and for sponsoring this fabulous Cat Lover Giveaway!

Vitakraft’s Toy line includes dangling Busy Bee and Bouncy Butterfly, free-moving furry Deep Sea Bug and Desert Bug, and plastic MarvyMouse, PurrkyBird, and Frisky Fish with Silvervine infused right in them. Feline Silvervine is also available in refill packets for sprinkling on kitty’s favorite things.

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Here Are All Products Available from Vitakraft’s Purrk! Playfuls:

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