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Power Your Life Perfectly With Quirky Pivot Power @SMGurusNetwork @Viatek

Power Your Life Perfectly With Quirky Pivot Power @SMGurusNetwork @Viatek

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With Father’s Day quickly approaching… I have been on the hunt for the perfect gift for my husband. He loves carpentry and working on DIY projects around the house which is why he always loves gifts that allow him to get the jobs done beautifully & efficiently. For this reason I was super excited to work with Quirky Pivot Power as they carry the most amazing line of pivoting outlets and power strips for home, industrial use and travel. 

I instantly fell in love with three fabulous industrial items from the Quirky Pivot Power Industrial Line of products as they are perfection for my husbands work space as they provide extra power, light and more. There is the Quirky Power Shell, the Quirky Pivot Power 2×3 6 Outlet Power Strip & the Quirky Prop Power Pro – Flexible Attaching Extension. All three are amazing for sure and he loves them. Lets take a look at each one….

Quirky Powershell

The Quirky Pivot Power Power Shell is a must have for every household as it can be used for so many household projects and more. The PowerShell will provide you with the light you need to power through any job as it provides high-powered LEDs, 3 outlets to power your tools and an 8 foot extension cord. It is designed to fit hands of all sizes… even ones wearing bulky work gloves. The carry handle also doubles as a hook for hanging which is super handy. 

When the PowerShell is not in use, you can fold the light easily into its protective clamshell case which also acts as a stand when the light is open.

My husband loves this and even used it the other night when it got dark while grilling some steaks and it provided me with the light I needed to get my grilling done perfectly. This is for sure a fabulous gift for any DIYer and for all Dads that need extra light and outlet power for many of the handyman jobs they may have to tackle at any given time. It is supr handy indeed and beautifully made to last for years and years to come.

Quirky Pivot Power 2×3 Power Strip

The Pivot Power™ 2×3 helps to power my husbands projects with 6 adjustable outlets that get their power via a 8.5 foot extension cord, built in cord management which is simply genius, a handle for storage, and more. This is perfect for professionals, tinkerers, and weekend warriors like my husband. The bright yellow color on the unit makes this ideal for your work areas as it highlights potential tripping hazards and the design of the unit allows you to get any size plug into it at anytime as it pivots to make room. You can even add a battery charger pack next to large plug from a hairdryer which I cannot do in a traditional power strip as they do not fit side by side. Very cool for sure and the only power strips I will ever use as they are so fabulous!

Quirky Prop Power Pro

The Prop Power Pro is a workshop-friendly version of Quirky’s original wrap-around extension cord. It provides my husband the flexibility to wrap power around a table leg, ladder or sawhorse to prop outlets for easy access. It provides him with the reach and versatility he needs to complete all of the many projects he works on. The bright yellow color is a safety design so that the unit is visible and bright for the work area and beyond. My husband loves it and makes an amazing gift for anyone an everyone that crafts and completes handyman and DIY projects at home.

So what do you think of the Industrial Line of Quirky Pivot Power power strips & lights? Are they not amazing and do they not make an amazing gift idea for Dad? Or any DIY’er, Crafter & More? Check them out for yourself online and visit Quirky on social media as well.


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  • Karen Jaras

    I am intrigued my the folding light and would love to try this out in my studio. I hope it does not get hot or add heat to the room.

    • mcushing7

      Hi Karen…. the Power Shell from Quirky does not get hot. The lights are LED. It is amazingly bright too 🙂

  • Karen Jaras

    My husband is a serious gadget guy and would love all of this. I would love the light for my studio or my gardening shed to help with lighting.

  • Amber Kolb

    This is so awesome!! They have some really great products. Our house was built in the 1890s and we are short on outlets. I really like the pivot feature.

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    These are a must for any man! A perfect Father’s Day or new homeowner’s gift…

  • Thomas Gibson

    As a father, I would love to get a gift like this. Very useful and something I could use for many projects throughout the year.

  • kimrk56

    Great review! I like that the Quirky Pivot Power Power Shell provides LED lighting as well as outlet power.

  • Sue E

    These are perfect Father’s Day gifts! Especially if your husband is a retired construction worker. You can take the worker out of the industry, but you can’t take the industry out of the worker! When I hear of power and construction, I think of the show Home Improvement and Tim Taylor and his grunts for more power! He would like these also.

  • Fawn George

    I would love to win these products. I would give them to my husband for an Anniversary gift.

  • Maryann D.

    My husband would really like the Quirky Pivot Power Shell. It is great that it provides LED lighting as well as outlet power. This is really a super gift.


    My husband is impressed with the versatility of the Quirky Powershell. Lightweight and so many uses! Thank you.

  • Yalanda Woods

    I’d be interested in maybe buying these as a gift for my husband because I don’t think he would otherwise buy anything until his broke. I like these awesome upgrades

  • Christina Gould

    These are really cool tools. I especially like the crazy power strip. Thanks for posting!

  • Trisha McKee

    OH I love this. And I know hubby would also . We are a family of gadgets so this would just come in handy.

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