My Savvy Review of The Samba Hair Remover

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My Savvy Review of The Samba Hair Remover

sambaI received a Samba Hair remover for review and I love it! I received the pink unit….There is that slight smell of burnt hair, BUT that is normal and the results are worth it! Samba Hair Remover is a device that removes hair with a pulse of heat meant to crystalize the hair, which, when used repeatedly, eventually stops it from growing. Days and days of hair free legs and underarms are worth it anytime! No one should ignore the need for some form of Hair Removal, even men! Eventually the results will last weeks! I used their serum after removing my leg hair and under arm hair and I also used my own moisturizer. The results were amazing! I loved it! It is removing the hair without the pain! The Samba hair removal system answers your call for easy, safe and painless hair removal at home. How awesome is that!

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The Samba Hair Remover answers the demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal at home. By utilizing revolutionary technology to remove unwanted hair from the body. The Samba Hair Remover truly eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes, and expensive office visits. Professional, quality results can be achieved on all hair and skin types in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the price of other methods.

The Samba Hair Remover can be used on the face, legs, bikini line and more. Specialized attachments like the Maxi Guide, perfect for arms and legs, and the Micro Guide, great for sensitive areas, give it a clear advantage over “one size fits all” treatment methods.


As the Samba glides across the skin, thermotransmitters radiate heat down into the hair follicle, crystalizing the hair. The hair can then be buffed away with the Samba buffer pad. Continuous slowing of hair growth promotes longer lasting results and does not irritate the skin. Unlike waxing that tears off the first layer of the epidermis, the Samba gently glides across skin and removes hair painlessly and effortlessly. Using the built-in bi-directional optical sensor, the Samba removes hair in two directions instead of one.


For smoother, healthier looking skin, we recommend applying the Samba Smoothing Serum or a gentle moisturizer after each treatment.

Consumers called for a truly safe, easy, and pain-free way to deal with unwanted hair in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. The Samba Hair Remover does exactly that and costs a fraction of the price charged in salons and clinics.


Check it out for yourself at Viatek

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3 Replies to “My Savvy Review of The Samba Hair Remover”

  1. I am so suspicious of these devices. I have tried so many that I don’t have a lot of belief in them. I sure would love to be proved wrong! I hate shaving.

  2. I haven’t heard of this thermo-technology used to remove hair. It does seem less potentiallly carcinogenic than lasering. The Samba sounds less painful too! I wouldn’t mind just buffing away the hair. Thanks for the review, I will have to keep this in mind!

  3. I’ve tried several methods of hair camouflage/removal including shaving and depilatories. I use different products for different areas. I have an epilator which I use only on my chin hair. It would be so convenient to find a method that is painless and long-lasting.

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