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My Savvy Review of Click and Grow (The Future of Food is Here!) PLUS Save 30% On Your First Unit Today! #ClickandGrow

My Savvy Review of Click and Grow (The Future of Food is Here!) PLUS Save 30% On Your First Unit Today! #ClickandGrow

clickngrow111I received this item in exchange for a review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless…. I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my Savvy Readers! This post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission if the item is ordered via the links on this post. Thank you for your support and for stopping by!

I LOVE the Herb Garden Starter Kit from Click and Grow! I live on Long Island and the winters can be brutal and well….. fresh herbs are impossible to grow unless you can do it indoors. I consider myself to have a “green thumb” but herbs and such can be tricky and a bit difficult… as far as growing goes. I have been wanting an indoor herb garden for sometime and now I have it! I am currently growing 3 Sweet Basil plants in my Click and Grow and I am in the beginning stages. I am still waiting for some little “sproutlings”….. and I cannot wait! It has only been about 3 days since I started up my unit and I cannot wait to share the results with you all! I will be updating regularly with the results of the unit itself and from what I have seen from other reviews etc….this is an amazing, must have unit that will provide fabulous fresh herbs and plants!  I cannot wait to make a fresh Caprese Salad in the winter or even add a bit of Fresh Basil to my next batch of Homemade sauce! Do not forget about a fresh Pesto Sauce and Basil is delicious on top of homemade pizzas! Basil is fresh and delicious and the sky is the limit when it comes to the recipe possibilities!

This unit is so easy to use. I literally received the unit itself…. the 3 Basil pods were included…. I just took the sticker off of each and inserted them into the Click and Grow unit. I then filled the tank with water on the side. The unit will let you know when to add water so literally anyone can use this product to grow fresh herbs and small veggies without over watering or under watering.

Once the tank was filled…. I plugged the unit into the outlet and added the little plastic greenhouse dome covers and that was it! (Once the “sproutlings” grow enough to reach the dome lids…. they need to be removed). The unit will run with the LED lights on for 16 hours and it will then automatically shut off for 8 hours. It uses little to no electric and is super fabulous! I just love it! You can adjust the timer to your liking and the unit will flash when the water level if low! It basically reminds you to add water…. so virtually anyone can have a green thumb with this unit. Also Click and Grow sells refill packs and various plant options! They have small strawberry plants, flowers, all types of herbs, a variety pack and little pepper and tomato plants! I think I will try the variety pack next time…. and honestly I will be purchasing a few more units to have fresh herbs & small veggie plants available all year long!

Click and Grow uses NASA inspired technology which mimics nature to give plants all they need to survive. The smart soil used in the pods…. balances oxygen, water, and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level. Click and Grow provides Nature at it’s Purest! Check it out for yourself today!

Growth Updates ~ Check out my Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 results! This thing is awesome!







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