How To Make Your Own Savvy, Classy Home Mini-Bar Effortlessly

How To Make Your Own Savvy, Classy Home Mini-Bar Effortlessly


For many people, making and having their own mini-bar seems to be just a dream that would take too much effort and money to bring to life. But that’s not true at all. The reason why it’s called a mini-bar- a home mini-bar, is because it’s meant to be realistic and achievable to have at home. It is not meant to be anywhere near being a professional bar and should match your comfort level and home style.

 Say goodbye to having your drinks in the lounge, sitting around and having messy, empty bottles everywhere. Have drinks in style, in your own home mini-bar that exudes class and comfort, with just a few ideas.

Hang An Aesthetic Photo/Portrait


Decorate your mini-bar space with a medium to large sized framed portrait that is simple but very tasteful. You can work with a certain color theme as well. Choose a font aesthetic, quotes and sayings written in beautiful fonts of the style you prefer. Or opt for an iconic black and white photo of places and famous people. You can never go wrong with iconic vintage photos.


Have A Decorated Shelf


For drinks that you don’t need to refrigerate, don’t overstuff your wine fridge and place them on a wall shelf. Not just any wall shelf but a garnished one. Wrap hanging LED lights loosely around the shelf platform or attach small bits of decor to reflect a theme. It doesn’t have to be a wall shelf, an equivalent would be a trolley with trays you can easily move around the room.

Install A Source Of Fragrant Scents 


Whether it is a candle burner, a diffuser or an aromatherapy machine, you can vastly improve your mini-bar’s atmosphere with a smooth, fragrant scent. If you have chosen to work with candle burners or tea lights, those can also be placed on the bar counter or table as an ambient light source.


Use Floor Lamps As Ambient Lighting

The classiest bars have minimal but effective, bias lighting that gives the area a warm and cozy feeling. You can mimic this with your home bar by either placing a floor lamp by the bar counter or at corners around the room. They can work as portable spotlights if you don’t have actual spotlights in your mini-bar room.


Choose A Themed Wine Cooler

Depending on the aesthetic and style of your mini-bar, pick appropriately colored small wine cooler fridges with the right capacity for your drinks. Situate it under the counters, tables or at far walls in order for it to be not too obtrusive. Make sure that it is still accessible so you can serve drinks easily. If you have extra space, you can create a small kitchen area and try some simple cooking to make small meals to accompany your drinks.

Create the best place for you to relax at home (besides the bedroom) by knowing how to make a classic mini-bar. A space where you can drink in peace- a place that will make you feel classy and elegant even when you’re just at home.

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