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Make A Dinner Party Rock With Perfect Food Choices

Make A Dinner Party Rock With Perfect Food Choices

The perfect dinner party is something that takes a lot of time to get right, and it’s easy to spend hours planning one. In fact, one of the biggest topics of conversation at a dinner party is “Your Perfect Dinner Party”. Which seems like a blatant invitation to insult the host of the one you’re at, but still, that’s the way things are. Getting the right guests, the right food and drink, and the right entertainment is key.

Because it is a dinner party, the food is an important touch, and yet is often forgotten about until planning is far advanced. Getting the meal right can cause the party to roll much better. Good food can be a source of conversation. Really good food can paper over any lulls in conversation, too. And if they know they’ll get a good meal, people are more likely to accept your invitations.

Food On A Theme

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Most of us have part of the world that fascinates us. The cultures, languages and music. The landscape and the industries. Not least of all, the food and drink of another country can be very beguiling. Planning a menu based on a country can be a good way to start. Italian is easy to get right, as is Indian cuisine.

If you’re obsessed with Iceland, be warned. Hákarl (fermented shark) could charitably be described as an acquired taste. Less charitably, it could be described as a declaration of war on the tastebuds. It might be authentic, but it might also mean no-one comes to your home ever again.

Basic Classics Done Right

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Good pasta dishes are easy to cook and always enjoyed by a majority of people, although it is worth bearing in mind that most pasta contains gluten. If someone in your party has a gluten intolerance, respect it and use gluten free pasta. Otherwise you’ll make them quite ill. Meals like veal parmigiana are also fairly simple to cook and full of flavor. They are versatile enough to be paired with a lot of different foods.

Nothing Beats A Good Steak

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Well, depending upon dietary and cultural needs, anyway. A good cut of steak, well prepared, is one of the most satisfying meals imaginable. For an added twist, it can be brought to the table on SteakStones Hot Stone Sets which allow the diners to finish their own steak. This way you ensure that everyone gets their steak just the way they like it; something that is hard to guarantee otherwise.

For the guests who don’t eat red meat or are vegetarian, there are alternatives which can still be cooked at the table. A well-prepared chicken breast or veg skewer can be just as divine to the right tastebuds.


Skilled dinner party planners can make the meal itself a flowing center piece of an evening. Pairing the right food with the right wine can be a process of trial and error (but a fun one), and at the end of the night people will be asking one question. “When are we doing this again?”


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