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A Little Bit Of Indulgence Can Make Any Day Better

Indulgence is something that divides people and unites them at the same time. We are divided into those who know that treating ourselves whenever we want is a bad idea and those who don’t care. We are united because sometimes, we all will reach for something we really enjoy to cheer us up, to celebrate or to just have a treat. When it comes to treating ourselves the way we do it depends on what we really enjoy.

For many, if not most of us, a treat will come in the form of something we really like to eat. It can be a plate piled high with fast food. It can be something home cooked that we associate with happy memories. It can also be something we’ve never tried before but have seen somewhere and immediately wanted, or coming across a pizza delivery app and deciding to give it a try. It might take time or effort (or both), but it is always something indulgent – and we give indulgence a pass. Because we deserve it, every so often.


Something Savory: What’s Your Dream Meal?

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On special occasions, we will often sit down to a meal either lovingly prepared by someone close to us, or order takeout. The key to this is that we have something we wouldn’t have every day, and it doesn’t matter so much what it is. The key is that it’s a change and is something we enjoy. So whether it’s a takeout pizza or a plate piled high with hot, home cooked food, what matters is that it’s something that makes us smile.

Indulging Your Sweet Tooth: An Occasional Treat Hurts No-One.

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Most of us have a bit of a sweet tooth, and for some of us it is more of an entire set of teeth. Some of us would probably sooner have chocolate instead of a “proper” lunch if we were allowed to. Home prepared desserts are also indulgent if done right. Options such as this from http://exchangebook.net are evocative, tasty and comforting. Similarly, a bit of chocolate once in a while is good, even beneficial, but shouldn’t be something you binge on.

Something To Drink: What’s Your Poison?

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Just about anything that can be said for food also goes for drinks. All of us have a few preferred options to wash down our meals. Some people prefer just plain old water. It cleanses the palate and it is good for us. However, with some foods you do feel that the right drink brings them into their own. Whether that’s a well-chosen wine with a restaurant meal, or a milkshake with a burger and chips is up to you. The key is that it’s indulgent so you do it every once in a while, not every day.


Indulgence is not to be discouraged. Sometimes the promise of something sweet, spicy or opulent is a great motivator. Sometimes it helps to make us feel better after a bad day. Whatever the reason, it’s a free shot that rewards us for good behavior, and it makes life fun. So, if you really do deserve it, go guilt-free and enjoy your meal.