It’s Official! Shadow Loves Nature’s Recipe® Available at PetSmart & Your Pet Will Too! #NaturesRecipe #sponsored

It’s Official! Shadow Loves Nature’s Recipe® Available at PetSmart & Your Pet Will Too! #NaturesRecipe #sponsored

Nature's Recipe555This  post is sponsored by Nature’s Recipe®  and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nature’s Recipe available at PetSmart but Deliciously Savvy only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nature’s Recipe and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

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It is Official! I have finally found a fabulous Grain Free and Natural Cat Food that is affordable and healthy and most importantly…. Shadow loves it! Nature’s Recipe®  is a step up in pet food nutrition without a steep step up in cost. Honestly…Nature’s Recipe® is now my way to “Go Natural on a Budget”. What I love most is that Nature’s Recipe® is delicious nutrition for your cat. Nature’s Recipe Cat Food Recipes are protein packed and their selection includes grain free formulas for a healthy diet each and every day. I love that aspect the most because Shadow is staying fuller longer and not constantly begging me to top off his food bowl. The protein packed formula is great for him and he is no longer overeating because he is satisfied and content! This is a fabulous benefit to my Furry BFF’s diet as he is healthier and not over eating and therefore will remain at a healthy weight and active!

NaturesRecipe444Nature’s Recipe® Cat Food Selection at PetSmart in Lake Grove, NY!

All of the Nature’s Recipe products are available at your local PetSmart and at PetSmart.com! Nature’s Recipe is all about accessibility, in that real people feed quality Nature’s Recipe® foods with great results each and every day, and all without breaking their bank! I love that! We should all be able to provide our pets with fabulous and healthy nutrition and Nature’s Recipe feels the same. Nature’s Recipe has crunchy and hard foods as well as delicious wet food options! I love to treat Shadow to a wet meal periodically as a special treat but his daily diet consists of crunchy Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Indoor Formula in Chicken as that is his favorite so far. The crunchy foods are great for keeping Shadow’s teeth clean and is overall the best option for him and he loves it!


naturesrecipecollageNature’s Recipe® Cat Food Options at PetSmart in Lake Grove, NY!

Nature’s Recipe® also carries any amazing selection of delicious Natural Dog Foods as well! I am so in love with the results of Nature’s Recipe® for Shadow that I am switching my little Chihuahua (a.k.a. Chewey) over to Nature’s Recipe’s Life Stages Recipes. Life Stages Recipes from Nature’s Recipe are tailored specifically to your dog’s life stage, from puppies up to seniors. For cats, Nature’s Recipes formulas have the essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs. You cannot go wrong with Nature’s Recipe® Pet Food Formulas and your pets will thank you!

NaturesRecipe111Nature’s Recipe® Dog Food Selection at PetSmart in Lake Grove, NY!

And well…. Look how content my Shadow is after his dinner! He was getting relaxed and comfy while I was taking picks! Shadow LOVES Nature’s Recipe and I do too! If he is happy…. I am happy 🙂 naturesrecipe4444

Check out Nature’s Recipe for Your Own Furry Family Members! You will be amazed at their Recipes for Real Life and their selection of affordable and healthy pet foods all available at your local PetSmart or PetSmart.com!

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Are You A Pet Owner Interested In Feeding and Learning More About Nutrition For Your Pet But Are Also Conscious Of Costs? Check Out Natures Recipe Today and You Will See That You Can Provide Quality Delicious and Healthy Foods To Your Pet Without Breaking The Bank! Leave A Comment On Your Thoughts! Thanks for Stopping By Deliciously Savvy Today and Enjoy!


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