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How to Bling Up Your Pet

Pets are often our best friends, so it is no wonder we want them to look as good as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to bling up a pet, even if your best friend is a bunny or tortoise. Here are some tips to help you create a trendy new look for Roger the retriever or Suki the Siamese. You may not have the same budget as Paris Hilton, but your pet can still look bling-tastic on a meager budget – and here’s how! Or alternatively you could take your beloved pet on your next family vacation, after all they are part of the family! Have a look at PetsWelcome to find a pet friendly hotel for your furry (or not so furry) friend.

Bling Up Collars and Pet Leads


Some pets need to wear collars when they are out in public. Dogs are an obvious example, but if you routinely take your pedigree cat for a stroll, it will need a collar, too. Plain leather or nylon collars are perfect for ordinary pets, but if you want your best friend to stand out from the crowd, you should invest in a bling-bling collar embellished with diamante and crystals to match your Ascot Diamonds.

Plenty of pet stores sell gorgeous diamante collars and embellished leads, but you can also adopt a DIY approach by investing in packs of diamante crystals and a glue gun. Stick jewels on to your pet’s collar and leave to dry. The end result will be ‘absolutely fabulous, darling’.

Bling Bling Pet Harnesses


Pet harnesses are useful if your pet pulls like a steam train or you need to transport him in a vehicle. Unlike a collar, a pet harness will not throttle your best friend if he dives after a cat or you need to slam the brakes on in heavy traffic.

You can pick up some gorgeous pet harnesses for dogs and cats of any size, but for extra bling, look for harnesses with glittery embellishments or designer styling. Lap dogs look great when dressed in couture harnesses or diamante encrusted English leather harnesses whereas stockier breeds look better when dressed in studded harnesses.

Designer Pet Bags


Paris Hilton and her ilk made pet handbags famous. Small breeds such as Chihuahuas and LlasaApsos fit perfectly into handbags, so they can be carried around like a cute accessory. However, if you want to up your style, a designer handbag is essential. Look for a Chanel or Dior bag if you want your pet to become the ultimate style icon.

Couture Pet Clothing


Pet clothes are just as stylish as human garments, especially if you shop in designer stores. Pets can be accessorized in angora wool sweaters, silk scarves, and even organza and satin tutus. Obviously this will depend to a certain extent on the type of breed you own (unless you want to be a laughing stock, don’t dress your bullmastiff in a pink tutu), so exercise restraint. For extra bling, look for couture pet garments with a designer label in a prominent location, so your pet scores extra points in the style stakes.

Be careful not to bling up your pet too much if you live in a rough neighborhood, or he could become a target for pet nappers.



  • Paula Adams

    Always thought it would be fun to have a small doggie and bling them up with things like this sparkly collar, sweaters, etc. So cute. Our dog is 50 pounds, so much too big!

  • Cathy Jarolin

    Oh How Cute to Bling Dress your Sweet little Doggie! Much easier if you have a Female. You can’t really bling Dress your little Guy. I have the Cutest Little Yorkie Boy!! I do put sweaters on him when he is cold. Cant’t really fancy him up like you can a Little Girl Doggi3.. I do find him different sweaters that are cute. This year I want to get him a coat and little Boots too! Winters are so cold and the snow hurts his feet.. My Other dog is a Boy Pug. He too wears sweaters and will have a new Coat and Boots this winter!! Take care.

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