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How casino games are enjoyed around the world

Playing casino games is a popular activity for people from many different countries and cultures around the world. The online global gambling market is worth over $50 billion US dollars and continues to grow year on year. The largest markets are currently the UK, some european countries, the US, China and Australia. Singapore, Japan and Russia are also showing signs of growth in their gambling markets.  

Casino gaming trends are heavily influenced by local legislation, attitudes to gambling, as well as demographics, sports interests and lottery traditions. These trends also vary between regions and different generations. For example younger players have a stronger preference for online games and mobile apps (and they might go to sites like to help them find the perfect app for them). Differences even exist between genders, with online bingo being significantly more popular with female players than male players. 

Here is how casino games are enjoyed in some of the world’s biggest online gambling markets. Let’s begin with the US, where places such as Pennsylvania are seeing significant growth in the amount of gambling activity, as people enjoy games on their favourite PA online casino

The United States

The largest gambling market in the US is New Jersey. However, Pennsylvania is the fastest growing and quickly catching up with demand for both online and land based casino games. Different states in the US have different laws around gambling and so online gambling is more popular in some places than others.

One casino game enjoyed in the US is baccarat. While its history can be traced to european countries such as Italy and Germany, as well as some parts of Asia, baccarat is becoming increasingly popular with American players. In Las Vegas, the home to some of the world’s biggest and best casinos, baccarat accounts for 18% of all casino wins. The only game with takings higher than baccarat is slot games, as Vegas is well known for its vast number of slot machines. Part of baccarat’s appeal is the atmosphere created around the game, players are typically dressed to the nines in tuxedos and gowns around the table. For those wanting to experience the  ‘authentic’ casino experience seen in classic American movies, baccarat is a firm favourite.

Another popular gambling experience for people in the US is sports betting. Americans are known for their love of sport, particularly for games such as basketball. Many people enjoy betting on pro or college games. The most popular games to bet on are the NFL and the NBAs.

Casinos in the US have a different vibe to those in other countries such as the UK. American casinos are bigger, livelier and are more likely to have grand live performances. In contrast, UK casinos tend to be less flashy. They usually have a calmer atmosphere and are a slightly more relaxed affair. It is not to say that one is better than the other, rather the different tastes in casinos reflect different styles of entertainment and the cultural differences between the two countries.

The United Kingdom

Slot games are some of the most enjoyed games in the UK, they are played both online and in land based venues. Slots are colloquially known as ‘fruit machines’ in England and as ‘Puggies’ in Scotland. Slots appeal to many because they are quick play games and feature lots of rewards, including free spins and bonuses. They are also designed with fun themes, such as the player’s favourite movies and television shows.

The casino game roulette is also another casino fan favourite in the UK. First played in France in the 1700’s, roulette is a thrilling game that creates suspense and excitement. Casinos tend to have the european version in the UK, which consists of 37 numbers (including zero), whereas the US version has 38 numbers (including zero and double zero). 

Players make bets on a number, group, red or black, lines or whether the number will be odd or even. The croupier then spins the wheel and places the ball in, with the winnings then being paid based on the probability of the ball landed where the player bet. A big part of this game’s appeal is the lack of skill required, it is a game of chance and players can decide what level of risk they want to take.


Many Australians are passionate casino game players, around 75% of Australians choose to participate in some form of gambling each year. While the industry isn’t as large as the UK or US casino industry, it is quickly growing and generates around five billion dollars per year.

Slot machines are by far the biggest attraction in this country, where they are affectionately known as ‘pokies’. The average person wagers around $380 australian dollars on these games per year. Australia has around six times the number of pokies the US does, illustrating just how prevalent this game is in the country.

But why are pokies so popular? They were first introduced to the ozzies in the early 1900’s. Back then the machines were a lot more basic, with only a small number of paylines, three reels and no flashy lights and exciting extra features. These have since improved significantly, with more reels being added, new game features and even more ways of winning. Australians are now also able to access slots online, meaning that they can also enjoy the huge number of different themed version slots out there from their computers and phone apps. 

Like the US, many Australians also enjoy sports betting. Popular sports in Oz include horse racing, cricket and rugby. Some even bet on American sporting events such as the NBAs.

As we have seen, casino games are enjoyed widely around the world. Different games are favoured by different countries, however some types such as slot machines and sports betting seem to be popular everywhere. 

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