Have You Heard of Pepi Play’s ~ Pepi Bath 2 App for your iPad or iPhone?

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Have You Heard of Pepi Play’s ~ Pepi Bath 2 App for your iPad or iPhone? #PepiPlayKids

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Are You like me and have little ones that do not want to bathe and then when they do…. it is the fastest shower or bath you have ever seen? Do your kids sprint through their teeth brushing routine each and every time? Do they leave their dirty dishes or cups behind instead of cleaning up behind themselves? I know I am always on my kids case to do a better job of cleaning overall which includes their personal hygiene and bedrooms. This is a fun and cool way to get them interested in cleaning and doing their much needed part!

This is an amazing app to help out with getting the kids to bathe and bathe correctly! Pepi Bath 2 is a role playing game, a toy and a little helper….. depends on what you are looking for. It is a fun way to experience that dreaded bathroom routines (dreaded by our little ones!) and take care of cute, little friends. Pepi Play took boring things and routines and made the fun to encourage learning through play.

Check it out & Download HERE!

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