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Great Gadgets for Your Kitchen


There are so many gadgets that can be really useful in the kitchen. The best ones can make cooking quicker, easier and even more enjoyable for you. So, here are the great gadgets that you should have in your kitchen.


Herb Scissors


Herb scissors are very simple and easy to use contraptions. They’re scissors with multiple blades. So, when you have a bundle of herbs, you can cut them up into smaller pieces in one action. It’s so much simpler than having to stand over the chopping board trying to slice them precisely. And your fingers are not going to get in the way and get chopped along with the herbs either. It’ll make chopping herbs quicker than ever.


Egg-Perfect Egg Timer


Timing how long to boil an egg for can be tricky. You don’t want to stop too soon and risk it not being cooked. And if you want a runny yolk, you don’t want to leave it in the water for too long. There is usually a lot of guesswork that goes into this. But that doesn’t need to be the case with an Egg-Perfect egg timer. They go in the water with the eggs and can tell you when the eggs will be soft, medium or hard.

Vacuum Sealer


Many of us are guilty of wasting food in the kitchen. So, any item that helps you to cut down on wastage can only be a good thing, right? Vacuum sealers allow you to seal up food and preserve it for future use. The best vacuum sealer will completely prevent mold and bacteria from spoiling the food. This is because it stops air from getting in and reaching the food.


Egg Beater

Beating eggs is one of those tasks you have to do often if you cook a lot. So, why not make the task quicker and easier by investing in an egg beater. You simply turn the handle, and the eggs will be beaten in a matter of seconds. It does the job comprehensively too, meaning you won’t have any separation in the whites and yolks, as you might if you did it by hand.


Digital Thermometer


Making sure the meat you cook is properly prepared and safe to eat is very important. Nobody wants to serve meat that is not quite as well done as it should be because it can be dangerous. So, having a modern digital thermometer is always a good thing. This allows you to check the precise temperature of the meat before you serve it up and people start tucking in.

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Rice Cooker


Cooking rice can be a pain. And the moment you forget about it and overcook it, it’s ruined. There is nothing worse than overcooked rice because it just becomes too sloppy and no one likes that. You can ensure that this never happens to you again by using a rice cooker though. This does all the work for you and it won’t cook the rice for a second longer than it needs to be.



    The meat thermometer is a must for anyone who likes to BBQ – no-one wants their party ruined by food poisoning.

  • Shannon

    I love having a rice cooker, you don’t have to worry about over cooking and you can steam veggies!

  • Deb E

    I always seem to miss the good deals on the vacuum sealers but I’ll catch one someday! I think that would be so handy and I’m all about not wasting food and portion control.

  • Michelle

    This is really a great list!

    My top 3 choices will be the herb scissors, egg beater and vacuum sealer. I have all three at home and use them a lot. However, if I need to choose one I will choose the herb scissors with no doubt. I bought a pair from Amazon a few weeks ago and can’t stop using them. The only thing to remember when purchasing this kind of scissors is to buy high quality ones that also come with a cleaning comb and a cover.

    There are many options to choose from on Amazon and most of the herb scissors cost less than $15 so it is not that expensive anyway.

    I personally got from Amazon the Chefast herb scissors set that also come with a cover, a cleaning comb, great herb bags, herbs eBook and a very nice gift box and I am very happy with the quality of this set. There are several other options which also look good, however don’t forget to get scissors that also comes with a cleaning comb 🙂

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are great kitchen gadgets. I could really use the digital thermometer. This one sounds so nice. Thank you so much for sharing

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